Chapter – 23 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

After one minute had passed, the metal doors of the pressure machine swung open, and Dustin emerged with a calm demeanor. His composure was so relaxed that no one could have deduced the intense pressure he had endured.

“Sir, does this mean I’m advancing to the next level?” Dustin inquired confidently.

“Absolutely! I mean, yes!” the staff stammered, recovering from their initial shock.

It was nearly unbelievable to fathom that Dustin, who had endured the intense pressure of level 100 for a full minute, was merely composed of darkSteel material. The realization left the staff astounded.

“Wow, he’s like a monster,” Georgia expressed in awe, mirroring the sentiments of others.

Dustin had excelled in every test—strength, speed, internal energy, and defense. He seemed almost flawlessly proficient. While most people would struggle to pass even a single test, Dustin had effortlessly excelled at them all. Was he truly a prodigy?

“I always knew Dustin was strong,” Scarlet said, a rare smile gracing her face as she took pride in his achievements.

“I suppose Terry Doyle lost for a reason,” Patrick muttered. While he acknowledged Dustin’s strength, he hadn’t anticipated Dustin’s staggering level of perfection.

Fortunately, they were all on the same team. Dustin turned to his teammates and signaled that he had completed his turn.

“It’s your turn now. Go for it,” he encouraged, directing the members of the Boulderthorn team toward the pressure machine.

“But…” The opponents exchanged uncertain glances, rendered speechless. Facing level 100 pressure seemed insurmountable. The thought of being flattened like pancakes loomed ominously.

“Dominic, perhaps you should give it a shot?” Gianna suggested.

Dominic froze, suppressing an urge to curse. What was Gianna thinking? What was the point of competing when Dustin had maxed out the pressure?

Given Dominic’s current level, he could only handle up to level 10, no matter how hard he tried. The prospect of enduring level 100 pressure was implausible—it would undoubtedly crush them.

“Is no one else stepping up? I guess that means I’m the winner,” Dustin proclaimed, his hands extended.

“I thought Boulderthorn disciples were unbeatable, but I stand corrected,” Dustin remarked, causing the others to clench their jaws with disgruntled expressions. Their defeat was undeniable, laid bare by the evidence before them. Losing four times in a row was an utter humiliation.

“Dustin, remember there’s still a physical combat test remaining,” Patrick reminded.

“Very well, let’s finish this,” Dustin agreed, leading the group to the location of the fifth test.

The final challenge encompassed physical combat. Contestants had to clear the preceding four tests to qualify for this fifth and final trial.

The rules were straightforward: each participant engaged in hand-to-hand combat with two formidable invigilators. Subsequently, the invigilators evaluated their performance and assigned scores.

“Here I am for the test,” Dustin announced as he stepped into the battle ring, addressing the two invigilators courteously.

I’m the Boss

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