Chapter – 22 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

Desmond’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I concede that he’s potent, possessing remarkable speed, strength, agility, and internal energy beyond the ordinary. However, perfection is not a trait of any individual in this world.

“He must have a weakness. Consider this: Why is he so focused on being quick and agile? The answer is simple—he’s compensating for his weakness!”

He went on, “If my speculation is accurate, defense is where he falters. I’m willing to bet that his defense isn’t as robust as his other skills.

“The fourth test revolves around assessing his defense. Among us, Dominic boasts the strongest defense. He’s reached the seventh level of the Adamantine Body Arts, and there’s no breach that can penetrate his body.

“I am convinced that with Dominic’s presence, we can exploit this man’s weakness and bring him down.”

Desmond’s words kindled a renewed spark of hope in everyone. Just because Dustin was swift and powerful didn’t guarantee his proficiency in defense.

They were hopeful that by employing the Adamantine Body Arts, they could secure victory in this particular trial.

“Desmond’s logic holds true. Nobody is flawless. I’m confident that this guy’s vulnerability lies in his defense!” Gianna’s eyes glimmered with excitement.

“Exactly. If Dominic employs the Adamantine Body Arts, we stand a chance!” Devon affirmed.

Their spirits began to soar as optimism bloomed.

They couldn’t afford to tarnish Boulderthorn’s reputation, so winning the next round was an imperative.

“Dominic, what’s your take on this?” Desmond inquired.

“I may lack confidence in other areas, but defense is where I excel!” Dominic responded, exuding confidence in the skills he had honed over the past decade.

“Excellent. We’re relying on you, Dominic,” Devon stated, his expression earnest.

“You can count on me.” Dominic patted his chest with assurance.

“Allow me to elucidate the rules of the pressure test,” the alliance staff began.

“You’ll pass if you can endure level-three pressure. Those who withstand level-five pressure will be rated as exceptional.

“Those who endure level-ten pressure will progress to the next round. You must maintain each new pressure level for 30 seconds for the results to be valid. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Very well. You may commence. Who will be the first to step up?” The staff glanced around.

“Hey, kid! To thwart any potential cheating, we’ll allow you to go first!” Dominic pointed at the pressure machine with disdain.

“Sure thing.” Dustin’s smile remained soft as he approached the machine. As the metal door sealed shut, the environment immediately turned airtight.

Before Dustin was a metal lever indicating various levels of pressure. The lowest was level 1, ascending all the way to 100. Dustin could adjust it to his preference.

“Dominic, what level do you reckon you can endure?” Gianna queried curiously.

“With my current capabilities, I believe I can handle level 10 with ease,” Dominic answered after a moment of contemplation.

“That’s fantastic. It’s just enough for you to advance. I’m confident that he can’t bear that degree of pressure!” Gianna expressed with satisfaction.

“Well, if he can manage up to level ten, I’ll simply surpass him!” Dominic smirked, his confidence apparent.

“You’re quite astute! It’s a flawless strategy.” Gianna beamed.

At that very moment, the pressure machine’s sirens began to wail, and its red emergency light started flashing.

When everyone turned their attention toward the machine, they were taken aback to see Dustin had adjusted the lever to 100!

I’m the Boss

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