Chapter – 20 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“Come on! You’ve got this!” A chorus of cheers erupted for Desmond.

Almost half of the crystal ball had transformed into a golden hue. He just needed to hang on a little longer, and the entire crystal would transition into full gold.

“Grr!” Desmond clenched his teeth and persisted in channeling his internal energy into the crystal. His strength was rapidly depleting, beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

After a few more moments, the crystal ball hummed, and its color changed to a complete golden state.

Desmond slumped to the ground, a mix of relief and exhaustion washing over him.

“Hooray! He did it!”

“Way to go, Desmond!”

The crowd erupted in excited cheers.

“You’re undeniably strong. Well done! You’ve earned the right to advance to the next level,” the alliance staff praised with a smile.

Only a handful of individuals could successfully turn the crystal ball golden in a single attempt.

“What’s your response now, punk? Are you willing to acknowledge the outcome?” Devon taunted.

“Did you witness that? This demonstrates Desmond’s power. He effortlessly surpassed the limit and moved to the next level. Do you honestly believe you can achieve the same?” Gianna taunted with a sense of superiority.

“What good is being fast when internal energy holds greater importance for a martial artist? You should recognize the difference between us now,” Desmond declared, standing with an air of arrogance and snorting.

Despite his exhaustion, he had an image to maintain.

“Different?” Dustin found this amusing. “I haven’t even truly begun. What exactly are you so proud of?”

Desmond scoffed. “Turning the crystal ball gold is the best anyone can manage. Do you really think you can surpass me?”

“We won’t know unless we try.” Dustin rested his hand on the crystal ball.

“What a fool!”

“Why does he bother pretending? He’s just setting himself up for humiliation!”

The onlookers smirked, but their smug expressions quickly faded.

A faint hum resonated as Dustin infused his internal energy into the crystal ball. In an instant, the entire sphere turned black. Soon, it transitioned to silver, then seamlessly shifted to gold.

It took mere seconds for Dustin to alter the crystal ball’s color from its initial white to gold. The audience was even more flabbergasted by how nonchalant Dustin appeared.

This stark contrasted Desmond, who had been drenched in sweat by the time the crystal ball turned gold.

Suddenly, the crystal ball began to vibrate anew. A crimson streak emerged amidst the gold, rapidly spreading throughout the ball until it was entirely bathed in red.

It was evident that Dustin possessed a level of strength well beyond the ordinary!

“I-it’s turned red? How is this even possible?” The alliance staff stood in disbelief.

Most might not have comprehended the significance, but he did. Only a semi-Grandmaster and beyond could achieve the feat of turning the crystal ball red.

For Dustin to reach this level of accomplishment in his twenties was astounding, indicating his incredible talent.

Before the worker could fully process this, the red-tinged crystal ball ruptured. It seemed to have reached its limits. The worker stood agape, shocked by the spectacle before them.

I’m the Boss

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