Chapter – 19 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“That’s… impossible! How in the world did you manage that?” Gianna stammered, her shock evident. The speed of the event had left her struggling to process it.

“Are you planning to accuse me of cheating again?” Dustin responded.

“I—” Gianna was at a loss for words.

While earlier there might have been suspicions of Dustin cheating by employing internal energy, such a practice was permissible in the agility test. Anyone who successfully navigated the line of stilts was deemed to have passed naturally. She could no longer level the accusation of cheating against him. However, she couldn’t come to terms with it. “Hmph! So what if he’s fast? He only succeeded because he resorted to underhanded tactics!” Desmond grumbled dismissively. “The test of internal energy is up next. I doubt you’ll manage.”

“He’s got a point! A martial artist’s strength hinges on their internal energy. Speed means nothing if your internal energy is feeble!” Gianna stubbornly echoed.

“Hey, kid! I dare you to compete with Desmond and see who possesses stronger internal energy!” The victor will get to call the shots!” Devon taunted.

The collective bet now rested on Desmond. After all, as a formidable Divine-level martial artist, he stood as the most powerful among them. They were confident that he would emerge victorious in the domain of internal energy.

“I suppose I’ll play along with you all,” Dustin grinned. If it was an internal energy trial, he might as well find some enjoyment in it.

“Fine! Follow me.” Desmond called out and led the group to the location of the third test.

The setup was straightforward. At the center stood a stone platform on which rested an enormous, exquisite, pure-white crystal ball.

“How do we utilize this, sir?” Gianna inquired after scrutinizing the crystal ball.

“The rules are straightforward. Place your hand on the crystal ball and infuse your internal energy into it. The color of the crystal will gradually shift,” explained the staff from the alliance.

“Alright! I’m going to give it a shot!” Gianna exclaimed with excitement.

She placed her hand on the crystal ball and began channeling her internal energy. Soon enough, the once milky crystal began to darken.

However, the transformation came to a halt with the crystal only halfway black. Gianna had expended most of her internal energy, beads of sweat forming on her forehead.

No matter how hard she tried, the crystal ball refused to entirely turn black. Essentially, she lacked the internal energy required to pass the test.

“Allow me to attempt it!” Others followed suit after her.

Nevertheless, the majority also struggled to change the crystal ball’s color. Only a select few of the talented ones managed to make it black, with a handful reaching the silver stage.

“Your turn, Desmond.” The spotlight now turned to Desmond. He was the sole hope for restoring Boulderthorn to its former glory.

“Clear the way!” Desmond signaled for them to step back and approached the crystal.

He rested his hand on the ball. Immediately, a Divine Aura began to course into the crystal.

A hum resonated as the ball vibrated, rapidly shifting from milky white to black before transitioning to silver. Once it achieved full silver, streaks of gold began to emerge.

The disciples of the Steeljaws Fellowship watched with excitement, their eyes gleaming with anticipation. Desmond was already extraordinary for turning the crystal silver, but if he could manage to make it gold, he would outshine everyone and earn the right to advance to the next level.

I’m the Boss

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