Chapter – 18 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

Everyone unanimously gave him a thumbs-up, acknowledging his remarkable achievement.

“So, what do you think now? Are you ready to recognize my skills?” Thomas turned to face Dustin, taunting him. “Do you finally grasp the concept of agility? Maybe you can pick up a thing or two from my performance!”

“You feeling a bit nervous now, punk? Who else do you think can complete the test in under a minute?” Devon stated with a sense of pride.

“Absolutely! In terms of agility, no one here would even dare compare themselves to Thomas!” Gianna bragged.

The two of them chimed in successively, leveraging Thomas’s success to adopt a bullying stance.

Dustin was left without words. “It took him quite a while to navigate those stilts. What’s there to be so proud of? All he did was evade a few waves of concealed weapons. Such arrogance.”

“From the way you’re talking, it sounds like you’re unwilling to acknowledge Thomas’s accomplishment,” Dustin noted. “Alright then, if you’re so capable, why not give it a try? I’m curious to see what you can manage!”

“Hmph, you sure talk big. If you’re so confident, get up there already! Why hide at the back? You’re acting like a turtle in its shell!” Gianna sarcastically remarked.

She had her doubts that anyone could surpass Thomas’s agility.

“What a bunch of ignorant fools,” Dustin shook his head. He couldn’t be bothered to engage with them further. Instead, he climbed onto the stilts.

“Punk, if you even make it through the first obstacle, I’ll consider that an achievement!” Devon said, as if looking forward to an entertaining spectacle.

“Devon, aren’t you overestimating him? If he can just last for three seconds, I—”

Before Gianna could finish her sentence, the bell rang. Instantly, Dustin sprang into action.

A figure blurred past in an instant. Dustin was so swift that the onlookers barely had time to react. When the figure vanished, they were astonished to find Dustin standing at the finish line!

Throughout the entire sequence, not a single hidden weapon was triggered. Dustin’s speed was such that the detection mechanism couldn’t catch him.

To compound the amazement, the sound of the bell still reverberated in the air.


Everyone was dumbfounded. The spectators couldn’t trust their eyes.

How on earth did he manage that leap?

Was he even human?

Could this truly be possible?

Could a human be that fast?

They began to suspect their eyes were playing tricks on them, rubbing them to no avail.

Yet, regardless of how much they rubbed, the outcome remained unaltered. Dustin had indeed crossed the stilts.

He had completed the second trial at a pace that surpassed the capabilities of most humans, and in an astonishing manner.

“So, how did I do? Did I pass?” Dustin inquired nonchalantly.

A member of the martial arts alliance struggled to swallow. He stammered out, “Y-you passed… Your time was two seconds.”

“Two seconds?”

The revelation incited a commotion.

Even with his extraordinary agility, Thomas of the Steeljaws Fellowship took 58 seconds to finish the test.

Yet, the individual before them had completed it in a mere two seconds.

It was absurd!

Being strong was one thing, but this person was also alarmingly swift. Could he truly be human? “How—how can he be that fast? What degree of agility is this? Did he move at the speed of light?”

“This is terrifying! I’ve never encountered a freak like him!”

Everyone stood in shock and trepidation.

Even Devon, who had been so arrogant earlier, dared not utter another word. Thomas’s pride had just been dealt a severe blow, and he remained rooted in place.

I’m the Boss

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