Chapter 1022

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Meanwhile, within Azure Mist’s camp, Emily was shaking her head as she looked at Vanessa.

“Vanessa, stop looking. We’re mere ants in the eyes of Dustin. We’re worlds apart.”

Her eyes followed the path Dustin had taken, and she let out a deep sigh.

“As the chosen one, he’s a force capable of overwhelming the grandmasters. We can never hope to reach his level in our lifetime.”

She shared the same admiration toward Dustin, who was a young grandmaster. But she was well aware that they were not in the same league.

It would be best to only admire him from afar. Getting closer would only lead to nothing but frustration.

“If only he wasn’t so remarkable,” Vanessa muttered. She looked conflicted.

She had finally found someone she liked. But he was so outstanding that she felt inferior.

Perhaps it was better to part ways and forget each other in the martial world.

Perhaps this was the best outcome they could hope for.

Yet, why was she reluctant to see him go? Could she genuinely erase the memory of that exceptional man?

Later that day, inside a room back at Zephyr Lodge, a cute little girl was gently shaking Natasha’s arm. She was crying.

“Pretty lady, please wake up. Please open your eyes and look at me. You promised me you would tell me stories. Why are you still sleeping?

“If you don’t wake up soon, I’m going to get mad.”

A pregnant Cecilia was also beside them. Red tinged her eyes as they appeared overwhelmed by grief.

Ever since her husband, Nelson, passed away, Natasha had taken care of their daily needs.

From hospital check–ups to making sure Haley went to kindergarten, she had done everything meticulously. She treated them like they were family.

Cecilia was not only grateful to Natasha, she also saw her as her own sister. That was why she was heartbroken to see Natasha unconscious and in critical condition.

“Dr. Watkins, is there really no other way? Is my sister going to stay unconscious forever?”

A tearful Ruth sat by Natasha’s bedside, holding her hand tightly.

Since her sister had been in critical condition, she had never left her side. It had been two days since she had proper/rest.

“To be honest, it’s a miracle that she’s still holding on right now.’

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