Chapter 1002

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“What’s going on? Where did the black fog come from?”

“Does anyone have Curax? I’d be willing to pay a high price for it!”

“Oh, no! Are we going to be poisoned to death?”

Everyone was terrified as they watched the black fog closing in on them from all sides. Their legs had turned to jelly.

They had come here in search of treasure. But instead of finding any, they had thrown themselves into danger.

“This is bad. The Black Forest has Song of Hell!”

Michael scanned his surroundings with a grim expression. At this time, he could no longer care about Theodore, Graham, and Orson.

“Dad, what’s Song of Hell?” Abigail couldn’t help but feel nervous when she saw how anxious the others were.

“An extremely terrifying miasma. It’s known as one of the ten deadliest poisons in the world.

While it might not be the most toxic, its lethality is unmatched. It destroys and devours everything in its path,” Michael explained.

Hearing that, Abigail swallowed nervously. “Then what should we do now?”

“Miracle doctor, you have exceptional medical skills and are well–versed in poisons. Do you have any idea how to deal with it?” Azalea suddenly asked.

“No.” Dustin frowned.

“Song of Hell is approaching relentlessly. The martial artists below the grandmaster level will have a hard time resisting it. Even Curax won’t be of much help.”

The surrounding black fog seemed sentient. It had its target fixed on humans, which was somewhat peculiar.

“Mr. Rhys, let’s try to use our internal energy,” Michael suggested.

Dustin nodded. “Okay.”

They took a deep breath at the same time and thrust their palms at the black fog nearby. Then, fierce gusts of wind surged forward. It pushed the fog several meters to the back at once.

“It’s working!” Abigail’s eyes brightened.

However, the next second, her smile froze.

The space that had been cleared was instantly engulfed by the black fog again.

“One more time!”

Michael and Dustin exchanged a glance. They continued to unleash their palm strikes.

They managed to push the fog far behind. But it soon returned as soon as they stopped using their internal energy.

Rather than forcing the fog away, they only slowed its speed.

“Why can’t the black fog be blown away?” Abigail was both shocked and confused.

“Song of Hell is something else.” Dustin frowned.

“Mr. Rhys!”

At this time, Vanessa led Azure Mist and walked up to them. She handed Dustin a bottle of medicine and said, “This is Curax. Hurry up and eat it. You’d be able to withstand the fog.”

Dustin shook his head. “It’s useless. This is Song of Hell.”

“Song of Hell?”

Hearing that, the members of Azure Mist changed their expressions drastically. Although they had never encountered the miasma before, they had heard of how powerful it was.

It was a deadly poison that could destroy everything with a single touch.

As the black fog continued its advance, an increasing number of martial artists fell victim to it. The scene was starting to be filled with panicked screams and agonized cries.

“Ah! I don’t want to die!”

“Save me, please!”

“Why am I still poisoned? I’ve taken Curax!”

“This is a disaster!”

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