Beautiful World, Where Are You

Beautiful World, Where Are You

Beautiful World, Where Are You

Author: Sally Rooney

Genres : Fiction, Contemporary, Romance, Literary Fiction, Audiobook, Adult, Ireland, Novels, Adult Fiction.

356 pages, Hardcover

First published : September 7, 2021


“Beautiful World, Where Are You” is a thought-provoking novel by acclaimed author Sally Rooney. The story revolves around the lives of four central characters: Alice, Eileen, Felix, and Simon, as they navigate the complexities of modern life, love, friendship, and their individual quests for meaning and purpose.

Alice, a successful writer, is grappling with her newfound fame and the expectations that come with it. She begins a romantic relationship with Felix, a warehouse worker with a complex past. Meanwhile, Eileen, Alice’s best friend, is a reserved and introspective woman who is engaged in a passionate correspondence with Simon, an old friend who works in the Dublin civil service. As these characters’ lives become intertwined, the novel explores their intimate thoughts, desires, and the choices they make in a world filled with uncertainty.

Overall Impression:

“Beautiful World, Where Are You” is a beautifully written and introspective novel that delves into the inner lives of its characters. Sally Rooney’s signature style of intimate storytelling shines through, allowing readers to connect with the characters on a deep level. The novel offers a poignant exploration of love, friendship, mental health, and the search for meaning in a rapidly changing world.


I would recommend “Beautiful World, Where Are You” to readers who enjoy character-driven literary fiction and are interested in exploring the complexities of human relationships and the modern condition. It’s a novel that invites introspection and deep discussion, making it a great choice for book clubs and readers who appreciate thought-provoking literature. Sally Rooney’s fans will likely find this book a compelling addition to her body of work.

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