87 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 87

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 87

Rowan’s actions had left everyone in the room stunned.

“N–no way! Dustin knows Dr. Cross? How is that possible?!”

“Oh my goodness, Dustin is incredible! He can even make Dr. Cross apologize?”

Everyone in the room exchanged glances of shock as they watched Dustin’s calm, unfazed expression and the respectful look on Dr. Cross‘ face. They had difficulty picturing someone mediocre knowing someone like Dr. Cross.

“Are–are my eyes playing tricks on me?” Florence was in disbelief.

The great Dr. Rowan Cross, the best doctor in the world, was apologizing to Dustin? How unbelievable!

“Could it be that Dustin’s Hexanavir really was a gift from Dr. Cross?” Dahlia was also shocked to her core. To be honest, ever since the divorce, she noticed that Dustin had become more discreet.

“What a nuisance!” Matt muttered to himself, looking gloomy. Dr Cross” appearance had disrupted his plan.

“S–sir… You really know this guy?” Ross asked in disbelief, cradling his face.

“Know him? Mr. Rhys is my savior. You’ve got some nerve. How dare you disrespect Mr. Rhys? Hurry up and kneel! Apologize to him!” Rowan roared, slapping Ross twice more.

“I–I’m sorry. I was the one who didn’t recognise master’s savior. Please forgive me!” Ross gave in and hurriedly kneeled before Dustin. He was no longer as arrogant as he was before.

“Mr. Rhys, this failure of an apprentice made a grave mistake not recognizing someone incredible like you. Please don’t pay any mind to what he says. Of course, if you need to vent your dissatisfaction, you may punish him as you see fit. I’ll take responsibility even if you hit him to death!”

Rowan’s words shocked the injured doctor as he trembled in fear. From the look on his master’s face, he realised he had messed with the wrong person.

If Rowan did not go easy on him, he’s dead!

“I don’t need to punish him. I just hope you will be stricter with apprentices so they don’t ruin your reputation,

Dr. Cross,” Dustin said in a gentle voice.

“Of course, of course,” Rowan agreed, nodding. “I will make this one reflect on his behavior. If he doesn’t change his ways, I’ll kick him out!”

“That’s your decision to make,” Dustin added.

“Failure! Hurry up and thank Mr. Rhys for being so forgiving!” Rowan roared.

“Thank you, Mr. Rhys, for your kindness!” the doctor kneeled before him.

“That’s enough. Get up.” Dustin waved him away.

“Mr. Rhys, it’s been so long since we last saw each other after we parted ways. Do you have some time to have a meal with me?” Rowan asked.

Upon hearing the invitation, everyone in the room was fired up. What an honor it was to share a meal with Dr. Cross. Even the great elites from Millsburg had to make reservations to meet him.

“Dammit! This Dustin guy really hit the jackpot!”

“I know, right? To get on Dr. Cross‘ good side, he must have a great life ahead of him.”

They were jealous and filled with envy. The words that left of Dustin’s lips in reply to the esteemed doctor shocked everyone even further.

“I don’t have the time right now. I’ll let you know when I’m free,” Dustin replied.

“H–he rejected Dr. Cross? The guy who got kicked out of the Nicholson family rejected an invitation from the great Dr. Cross? Did I hear that correctly?” everyone questioned.

“Oh, okay. I can always make time for Mr. Rhys.”

No one expected Rowan’s response. Not only was he not angry, but he was even happier than before. Dustin had not explicitly rejected him. That meant Rowan still stood a chance.

“Mr. Rhys, you’re busy. I won’t waste more of your time. Goodbye,” Rowan said tactfully, shaking Dustin’s, hand. He dragged his apprentice by his ear and left the room.

After they had left, the ward was in an uproar again. They looked at Dustin in surprise.

“Dustin, how do you know Dr. Cross?” It was Dahlia who spoke up first.

“I helped him once, so he owes me a favor.” Dustin said bluntly.

“Just like that?” Dahlia was shocked.

“What else is there?” Dustin replied.

“So that’s how it is. I thought.” Dahlia trailed off.

Everyone else let out a sigh of relief at his reply. They thought that Dustin had curried Rowan’s favor using other mysterious means. It turned out that he was just lucky.

“Humph! So what if you helped him once? You just got lucky! What’s so special about that!”

“He only owes you a favor. He already gifted you a bottle of Hexanavir. And now he’s saved your reputation.

The next time you ask him for help, he won’t comply!”

“We should stand on our own two feet. You shouldn’t keep seeking out others for help. After all, it won’t last forever.”

Now that they knew the truth, the crowd started making sarcastic comments. After all, they still couldn’t accept that a nobody like Dustin could be better than them.

“Dustin, thank you for what you did earlier,” Dahlia mumbled awkwardly.

She never thought that Dustin would know Dr. Cross. He even cured her grandfather’s illness. Reflecting on her actions, she couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“You don’t have to say anything. Saving Granddad was my decision. It had nothing to do with you,” Dustin

Dahlia’s gratitude vanished with Dustin’s cold words. She frowned and thought to herself, “I already expressed my gratitude. What else does he want? Should I apologize to him in front of everyone? Does he need to be so particular?”

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Status: Ongoing

Type: Urban/Realistic

Author: Marina Vittori

Artist: Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys

Released: July, 9, 2023

Native Language: English

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