50 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 50

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 50

“Who on earth are you?” Liam trembled as he dragged himself over. His laidback expression had been replaced by shock and fear. Never did he imagine that his full strength could not even scratch his opponent. Instead, he had injured himself gravely.

Was this man even human?

Fletcher had clearly told them he was just an ordinary martial artist. Why was he so powerful?

“Liam! Run away! Quickly!” Noah, who was pressed against the wall, yelled out at the top of his lungs.

The moment he crossed paths with Dustin, he realized that Dustin was much stronger than they had imagined. He had been able to render him completely useless with one move.

“Ah!” Liam cried out begrudgingly. Reluctantly, he abandoned his brother and ran away. He knew he couldn’t save him. He didn’t even have the power to fight Dustin to his death.

If Dustin was a mountain, they were nothing but ants. His punch just now had completely crushed his will to fight!

“I have to tell Fletcher! This man is too frightening. He shouldn’t be taken lightly, otherwise Fletcher will surely die!”

Liam’s desire to survive pushed him to rush out of the parking lot. He was only focused on one thought. He had to tell his master to leave Swinton and never return!

This man was someone they could never afford to offend!

Dustin didn’t bother to chase after Liam because he knew Liam’s internal organs had suffered fatal damage.

“Who on earth are you? Why are you in Swinton?” Noah was filled with fear, as if he had seen a ghost. If he knew someone so powerful existed by Natasha’s side, he wouldn’t dare to approach her even if he had the courage of a lion.

“That doesn’t matter. I’ll give you a chance. Tell me everything about Fletcher, and I’ll spare your life,” Dustin said coldly.

“You want me to betray him? In your dreams!” Noah glared at him and used his last remaining strength to tap on his amulet.

There was a crisp sound, and Noah bled to death in an instant.

Dustin raised an eyebrow. He didn’t expect Noah to be so determined as to opt for suicide to prevent himself from spilling anything.

Chris cowered in a corner, shivering after witnessing everything.

He quickly ran away without another word. He wouldn’t have provoked Dustin if he knew he was so powerful. Now he had brought trouble onto himself. He was speechless!

At the same time, In the lounge of the Emerald building. Edwin and Natasha were still conversing.

“Ms. Harmon, I have some business at home. Please, excuse me.” Edwin got ready to leave after the chat.

“Goodbye, Sir Hummer.” Natasha did not intend to stop them and watched as they left.

“Mr. Lawson, do you have any news from your apprentices?” Edwin immediately asked once they got in the car.

“Maybe they wanted to have a bit more fun. Don’t worry, Sir Hummer. They will return after they deal with the matter.” Fletcher smiled calmly.

He was very confident in the apprentices he trained personally. They were twins, so they had a deep emotional connection. Their strength doubles once united. They were undoubtedly invincible in Swinton!

“That would be best.” Edwin nodded without another word and ordered the driver to get going.

Soon, they arrived at the Hummer Villa. However, before they could settle down, a bodyguard rushed in and cried, “Sir Hummer! Mr. Lawson! Liam has sustained fatal injuries. I don’t think he will make it!”

“What?” Edwin and Fletcher’s faces immediately fell when they heard this.

“What nonsense are you saying? Liam is invincibly strong. Who could hurt him?” Fletcher was very distressed, and he grabbed the bodyguard by the collar.

“It’s true! Liam is at the door right now. You have to see him now or it will be too late!” the bodyguard pleaded.

Fletcher did not waste any time. He pushed the bodyguard aside and left quickly. However, he lost his cool when he saw the dying Liam when he arrived at the door.

“Liam! What happened to you? Where’s Noah?” Fetcher’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“Noah… is dead. We were mistaken! You Leave!”

Before Liam could finish his sentence, there was a splutter, and he spat a mouthful of blood on Fletcher’s face.

His head slumped and he died on the spot!

“Liam!” Fetcher exclaimed, overcome with sorrow. He had carefully trained both apprentices to pass on the mantle. He didn’t expect them to die so suddenly.

“Why? Why did this happen? Who did this?” Fetcher held on to the body and cried.

“I don’t know. Liam was already in this state when we found him.” The bodyguard shook his head.

“Mr. Lawson, Liam was very capable. How did he end up this way?” Edwin walked toward them at this moment.

Fletcher did not respond. He knelt down and inspected the body carefully.

“Broken bones and blood vessels, major organ damage. He must’ve met a powerful opponent!” After the inspection, Fetcher’s expression darkened.

“Are you saying that fellow by Natasha’s side is very powerful?” Edwin frowned.

“His strength must not be taken lightly if he could destroy my apprentices. I made a wrong judgment!” Fletcher said in disappointment.

“Can you defeat him?” Edwin implored.

“Although this man is very strong, he’s still young. He can’t be more powerful than my 40 years of experience. I will kill him and take revenge for my apprentices!” Fletcher swore with determination.

“Mr. Lawson, since you’re proficient in the mystic arts. You should use what you’re confident in,” Edwin reminded him. He didn’t want any more accidents to occur.

“Hmph! This man killed my apprentices by beating them to death! I would return an eye for an eye and kill him myself!” Fletcher gritted his teeth.

If he knew his apprentice died because of his attempt to punch Dustin, he would no longer have had this thought.

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