44 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 44

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 44

“Okay. Deal with him quickly. I don’t want any further accidents!” Edwin’s expression softened.

“Don’t worry, Sir Hummer. My two boys will take care of it without a hitch!” Fletcher smiled faintly. He took out his phone and sent a text message.

In contrast to the commotion offstage, Natasha remained very calm. “Welcome to our company’s grand opening ceremony.”

Natasha held the microphone, her eyes sweeping across the room. Her domineering aura, along with her cold and sharp eyes, were all fitting for her position as a beautiful business prodigy.

“Everyone knows the Harmon family has made a new partner. From today onward, a portion of the Harmon family business will be handed over to said partner.” She looked around and continued, “I believe everyone is curious as to who this partner is. Don’t worry, I’ll reveal the answer soon! Now, let us give a round of applause and invite Ms. Nicholson onto the stage!”

As she finished, Natasha started to clap. Soon after, thunderous applause followed.

“Dahlia! You’re up!” Florence quickly nudged the woman next to her.

Dahlia immediately came back to her senses. Although she was shocked about who Natasha was, she did not have a choice but to proceed now. She took in a deep breath and pretended as if nothing had happened as she walked up the stage.

“Wow! It’s another stunning lady? We’re really blessed today!”

“Both are equally beautiful but with a different flair. I’d be willing to give up ten years of my life just to have both of them in my arms!”

“Shit! What man is worthy of such women?”

As Dahlia approached the stage, there was instantly a stirring in the crowd. Natasha was striking enough, but Dahlia’s presence made the crowd even more excited. It was such a rare occurrence to be graced with the presence of two beautiful ladies.

“We meet again, Ms. Nicholson.” Natasha reached out her hand with a smile.

“I didn’t expect you to be the president of the Harmon Group.” Dahlia shook her hand politely, a bewildered look in her eyes. She should’ve known earlier.

Such a beautiful and elegant woman with the surname Harmon who had happened to appear two days before the charity ball. If she connected the dots, this woman must be none other than Natasha Harmon.

However, she did not come to this conclusion because she had been clouded with emotions.

Or rather, she never believed Dustin would be involved with such a reputable family.

“It’s not too late to get to know each other.” Natasha beamed. “Oh, right. We still have a bet, don’t we?”

“That’s right.” Dahlia nodded calmly.

“Do you still think you can win?” Natasha raised her chin defiantly.

“I believe I can, if you don’t intrude.” Dahlia’s gaze was filled with determination, and she did not back down. She had always thought of Natasha as her adversary. Now that they met, she could have a worthy challenge.

“Don’t worry, I won’t help him. Besides, he doesn’t need my help. Truth be told, he is much more capable than us!” Natasha smiled.

“Love is blind. There’s no lie in that.” Dahlia smiled faintly.

“It seems like you don’t believe me. If that’s the case, time will tell.” Natasha smiled, not wanting to explain any further. She believed that one day Dahlia would understand.

“But, by then, it would be all too late.

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