226 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 226

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 226

In the morning, at the airport. Edwin and Tina waited in front of a Rolls–Royce Phantom. “Dad, we’ve already been waiting for two hours. Why isn’t Joshua here yet?” Tina glanced around, looking anxious.

“It’s normal for flights to be delayed. Let’s wait it out a little longer. Edwin looked calm. Last night, he’d suddenly received a call from Joshua, saying he’d completed his refinement, which meant he was now the Hummer family’s trump card.

As they spoke, a young couple exited the airport. The man was handsome and dignified, giving off an air reminiscent of a sharp blade, making one unable to look him in the eye. The woman beside him was dressed in red and equally outstanding. She was beautiful, elegant, and looked powerful.

“Dad, he’s here!” Tina’s eyes lit up with excitement. She’d been eagerly anticipating his return.

“Josh, you’re finally back!” Edwin approached him with a bright smile.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Dad.” Joshua smiled and gestured to the woman beside him. “Allow me to introduce you to Jade Grant, my fiancée.”

“Jade Grant?” Edwin looked taken aback before asking tentatively. “Is she the third daughter of the Grant family?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Joshua smiled.

“Nice to meet you. Mr. Hummer.” Jade nodded.

“Yes, yes, nice to meet you, too. As expected of a daughter of the Grant family–you’re the very embodiment of beauty and grace!” Edwin looked delighted. He never would’ve expected his son to be able to win the Grant family’s favor. The five wealthiest families in Millsburg were known as the Fabulous Five, but there were three other families seven more powerful than them–the Tremendous Three. The Grant family was one of them. If the Hummer family could form an alliance with the Grant family through Joshua’s marriage with Jade, they’d have a bright future ahead!

“Dad, why did you summon me home so urgently?” Joshua asked when they were all in the car. He’d just completed his refinement the night before when he’d been told to return immediately.

“I hate to say this, but Swinton has a new kid on the block. He’s powerful beyond our expectations and has defeated all my men. Our family’s been having a tough time recently because of him. I had no choice but to Summon you home.” Edwin sighed, looking helpless.

“Exactly! You have no idea how obnoxious he is, Joshua. He even beat me up on my birthday over the smallest things!” Tina started to complain. “Look at what he did to my arm–I’ve yet to fully recover! I’ve never been treated like this in my life. You have to get back at him for me!”

“Who is this guy? How dare he bully a member of the Hummer family! Joshua’s face darkened, and a menacing aura surrounded him.

“His name is Dustin Rhys, and he’s not someone to be taken lightly,” Edwin said. “He also has the Harmon family backing him up,” Edwin said,

“The Harmon family?” Jade chuckled lightly. “They’re only one of the Fabulous Five–they don’t hold much weight. If you need any help, Mr. Hummer, just say the word.”

“It’s unnecessary for the Grant family to get involved in something as menial as this.” Joshua said calmly. Now that I’m back. I won’t allow anyone to challenge the Hummer family’s authority–not even the Harmon family!”

‘Josh, have you have you

have you had a breakthrough?” Edwin asked tentatively.

“Yes, I have. I’ve now achieved divinity!” Joshua smiled proudly.

“A divine–level martial artist?” Edwin was delighted. “That’s great! I knew you wouldn’t let me down!”

Joshua was probably the only divine–level martial artist in all of Swinton. Low–level martial artists were no match for divine–level martial artists–they could refine their martial arts prowess, but physical abilities could only take one so far.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Status: Ongoing

Type: Urban/Realistic

Author: Marina Vittori

Artist: Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys

Released: July, 9, 2023

Native Language: English

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