221 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 221

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 221


As the room door was kicked open, the lightbulbs in the room exploded simultaneously, shattering into pieces of glass, and an ominous chill blanketed the room.

“Who the fuck is it? Who’s ruining my fun?” Matt spun around, scowling. He was unable to identify the person due to the sudden darkness in the room.

“Matt Laney, you have a death wish!” An icy voice growled as the shadow approached.

The moonlight peeked through the window, and Matt saw the other person’s face. It was Dustin!

“It’s you!” Matt’s expression changed, and he hastily pulled out a handgun from the bedside drawer. He yelled.

“You imbecile! I haven’t paid you back for ruining my plans so many times, yet you approached me first!”

“Dustin? Hurry up and go. Don’t care about me — Dahlia cried out weakly. When she saw Dustin, she thought she’d finally be saved, but she never expected that Matt would have a gun, so she instantly panicked.

“Weren’t you talking so big, dipshit? Ha, you still have to admit defeat to our family. I guess you’re scared now, eh?” Matt raised his gun and sniggered. “You better grovel if you don’t want to die, or I’ll send a bullet straight through your head!”

“Grovel? As if you’re worthy of that.” Dustin glared at the other man.

“Worthy?” Matt grinned maniacally and fired two shots near Dustin’s feet. “I don’t want you to just grovel. I’ll fuck your woman right in front of you!”

“Y–you shameless bastard!” Dahlia’s chest rose and fell violently as she fumed. However, because of the drug, her flushed face looked more alluring than ever.

“So what? I’ll have my fill with you before dealing with that brat!” Matt declared.

“I planned to finish you off in one go, but I changed my mind.” Dustin approached calmly, his overwhelming presence making it hard for Matt to breathe, and Matt’s hand began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Stop right there! You better stop, or I’ll fucking shoot your Matt yelled.

However, Dustin continued his way forward as if he hadn’t heard the other man.

“You’re dead meat!” Matt gritted his teeth and aimed the gun at Dustin’s head before pulling the trigger.

Ear–splitting bangs rang out as the chamber was emptied of bullets. However, Dustin had disappeared.

Abruptly, he appeared less than two feet away in front of Matt.


Startled, Matt tried to jerk backward, but Dustin grabbed his hair and slammed his head into the wall with bang. Matt immediately passed out, his head bleeding.

“D–Dustin Now that the danger had passed, Dahlia’s body finally relaxed, and she fell into slumber.

Dustin glanced at the fallen man and pulled out his phone to call someone. 15 minutes later, Hunter and a dozen bulky men walked into the room.

“Mr. Rhys, here are the men you wanted.” Hunter said politely. These men were not only large, but they were also studs who only had an interest in pretty boys.

“Good job.” Dustin nodded in approval before waking Matt with acupuncture.

“W–what are you guys doing? I’m warning you. I’m the heir of the Laney family, so you won’t get away if you do something to me!” Matt began making threats as soon as he woke up.

“Mr. Laney, I purposely asked these men to serve you. Enjoy.” Dustin gestured with his hand, and the men instantly pulled Matt away, beaming sinisterly.

“Let me go!” Matt paled, terrified.

“I’m sorry, Dustin! Please forgive me! I won’t do it again!” Matt shrieked before being hauled into a car. All that awaited him was pain and misery.

“Mr. Anderson, tell your men to take good care of him. I want him to suffer as much as possible!” Dustin ordered coldly.

“No problem!” Hunter promised before leaving. Matt’s ass was going to be gaping after tonight for what he did to Dustin’s woman.

After everyone left, Dustin walked over to the bed and began applying ointment to Dahlia’s wounds.

“Dustin. I–I’m sorry…” Dahlia finally mumbled the long–awaited apology dazedly. Dustin’s body stiffened. and a sense of loss glinted in his eyes. After a second, he shook his head and continued applying the ointment.

All of a sudden, the door opened again with a boom. Florence, James, and many others barged into the room. their faces darkening as they spotted Dahlia’s unconscious body.

“Rhys! How dare you touch my daughter, you despicable man! I’ll kill you!” Florence darted forward to slap Dustin, but the man grabbed her hand with ease.

“What? Are you going to strike me back? You disgusting asshole!” Furious, Florence kicked Dustin in the shin instead. The man frowned but didn’t fight back.

“Call the police right now! We need to arrest this motherfucker!”

“That’s right! A hypocritical asshole like him should be in jail!”

Several people shouted, and James pulled out his phone to call the police.

“It doesn’t matter whether you believe me or not, but this has nothing to do with me,” Dustin stated. indifferently.

“Bullshit! Why would she be here if you didn’t kidnap her?” Florence shouted, glaring at him.

“Exactly! Everyone here can tell that you were planning to do something nasty to her!”

“You dare to defend yourself even though we caught you in the act? I guess you refuse to give in until the end!”

The crowd threw out accusations indignantly as they glared at Dustin like they wanted to skin him alive. They were disgusted that Dustin stooped so low because he couldn’t have Dahlia.

“Whatever. I didn’t do anything wrong anyway.” Dustin shook his head and got up to leave. He knew that these people wouldn’t believe him if he tried to explain himself anyway.

“Hold right there. Who said you could leave? You’re not stepping out of this room without explaining everything!” James put himself between Dustin and the door, but with a shove from the latter, James went tumbling to the ground.

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Status: Ongoing

Type: Urban/Realistic

Author: Marina Vittori

Artist: Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys

Released: July, 9, 2023

Native Language: English

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