196 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 196

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 196

“H–how could you order them to smack me?” Morgan cradled his face in his palms as disbelief consumed him.

“Not only did I get them to hit you, I’m throwing you out too! As of this moment, you are no longer vice president of the company! Natasha said bluntly.

“Natasha Harmon! This is too much! I’ve slaved my ass off in the company all these years, and you’re laying me off all because of this scoundrel? How won’t sit well with the rest of the employees? You dismiss my effort and labor! Are you not afraid that this

“What? Is that a threat? Do you think that you are in a position to threaten me?”

Natasha laughed mockingly. “Let me be honest here. I’m not only going to fire you, but I’m also sending you to prison today! I have records of all your dirty deeds, which I’m sure are enough to keep you in there for a lifetime!”

“Natasha Harmon! How dare you! I have the support of your cousin, Quentin Harmon!” Morgan shouted loudly. though he was trembling within.

“Quentin Harmon? Hah! Why don’t you get him to come here now? See if I’ll cut him any slack?” Natasha threatened him domineeringly.

Quentin, who had just set foot through the door, heard that and immediately retraced his steps. Damn it! He dared not mess with her when she was already angry!

“Natasha Harmon, you can’t do this! I-

“Shut up!” Natasha lifted a hand and delivered a slap to his face so strong that his nose started to bleed. “I’ve given you your chance, but you didn’t take it. Guards! Tie them up and send them to the police station!”

Following her order, several security guards came and tied Morgan and Mr. Marcs up.

“Ms. Harmon, I was wrong! Please, give me another chance! I’ll never do this again!” Morgan finally lost his composure when he saw where things were going. He fell to his knees and started begging.

“Yes, Ms. Harmon, we were just momentarily taken over by greed. Considering how we’ve labored for the company all these years, could you please forgive us this once?” Mr. Marcs was so terrified that he was in tears.

Even Mr. Finn, the person on whom he relied to support him, was going under. How could he, a mere manager. put up a fight against Natasha?

“Mr. Rhys, I’m terribly sorry! I was rude and ignorant, please, have mercy on us and let us go!” Morgan saw how Natasha was ignoring them, so he quickly changed his target and turned to beg Dustin.

“What?” Julie and Matt watched the proceedings with their mouths agape. The vice president of Harmon Pharmaceuticals was on his knees, begging for forgiveness from a worthless piece of trash? How humiliating!

“It’s too late to repent now! Take them away!” Natasha signaled to her guards. They were both quickly dragged away. Their cries and shouts for forgiveness fell on deaf ears.

Natasha’s swift and decisive course of action caused the crowd to look at her in awe. She was impressive and domineering, truly deserving of her title of the Steel Lady.

“Dustin, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’m taking this opportunity to rid the company of anyone else bearing ill intentions. I don’t want an insignificant employee of the company to ruin our reputation.” Natasha gave Dustin a heads–up and proceeded to leave with her men in tow. It was a critical moment for the company, so she would not allow anyone to jeopardize them from the inside.

After Natasha left, all eyes were on Dustin. In the end, Mr. Rhys was the one with the power to decide who the company’s rights would go to.

“Rhys! Why didn’t you help plead for Mr. Marcs?” Julie confronted him, looking dissatisfied.

“He stole what he was supposed to guard and sold substandard products in secret. He deserved everything. that he got today. Why should I help him?” Dustin asked calmly.

“He’s a close friend of mine! You could easily have helped him! Why didn’t you? Do you even have an ounce of empathy for others in you?” Julie glared at him.

“He’s your friend, so what’s that got to do with me? In fact, what do you even have to do with me?” Dustin said.

“You’re my ex–cousin–in–law! Even if not for my sake, you should have helped him for Dahlia’s sake! Why are you so cruel?” Julie said brazenly.

“Haha! So you do know that I’m your ex–cousin–in–law? If my memory serves me right, not only did you not help me when I was accused of theft earlier on, you even stepped out to vouch for those who slandered me.

Why didn’t you think about how I was your ex–cousin–in–law then?” Custin snorted.

Julie’s face flushed instantly. She found no words fit to clear herself of her actions.

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