192 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 192

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 192

“To tell you the truth, Mr. Rhys is a tight buddy of mine. We’d give our lives up for each other. In fact, I had a night out drinking with him just yesterday! As long as I put a word in for you, he’ll definitely do me this favor!”

Mr. Marcs assured.

Dustin chuckled lightly at that. What an artful liar!

“Hey! What are you sniggering at?” Mr. Marcs glared at Dustin.

“Ignore him, Harvey. He’s just a loser.” Julie rolled her eyes.

“Mr. Marcs, if you can get me the company’s rights, I’ll be sure to repay you handsomely!” Matt promised.

“Haha! No problem! I’ll get it done!” Mr. Marcs was beyond elated.

“Thank you, Mr. Marcs!” Matt grinned too. Judging from the high demand for Immortunol, he would soon be filthy rich once he got the company’s rights. And then, he would have no difficulty restoring his family to its former glory!

“Mr. Matt, I happen to have another business opportunity apart from the company’s rights. Would you be interested?” Mr. Marcs asked sneakily.

“Oh? And what business opportunity is that?” Matt raised a brow.

Mr. Marcs looked around him and said softly. “Our company’s demands a very high quality on Immortunol, so products that do not reach the benchmark will be destroyed. Several of us managers agree that that’s a waste, so we kept those substandard products and plan on selling them off. If you want them, I can sell them to you at a really good price.”

“Substandard products? What good will they do?” Julie wondered aloud.

“See, Julie, they may be substandard and less effective, but they can easily be passed off as quality products. Nobody can tell them apart from genuine Immortunols when they are put together!” Mr. Marcs smiled profoundly.

“Really?” Julie’s eyes lit up.

“When have I ever lied to you? Here, how’s this? If you take them, I’ll sell them at a fifth of the original price. You can sell them off and earn a great deal!” Mr. Marcs proposed..

“That sounds amazing! Thank you, Harvey!” Julie was overjoyed.

“What do you think of this deal, Mr. Matt?” Mr. Marcs‘ gaze bore into him.

“It’s a great deal, no doubt! I’ll take however much of the stock you have, Mr. Marcs!” Matt beamed. It was a steal to be able to purchase Immortunol at a fifth of the original price. Matt was not one to let such a good offer pass him by. As for the quality of the products, he couldn’t care less about that. All he cared about was that he’d make money from them. If anything were to.

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