169 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 169

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 169

Looking at the crowd in the hall, Edwin couldn’t help but smile broadly.

As expected, everything was going smoothly. Once the product launch was done by today, Eternumax’s reputation would be spread far and wide!

When that time came, his aim wouldn’t be limited to Swinton but to market Eternumax throughout the thirteen cities of the South!

“Sir Hummer! Congratulations on your launch!” Quentin and his men came up to Edwin, whose face was beaming.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Harmon. Please, have a seat,” Edwin said pleasantly.

“Sir Hummer, Eternumax is really a precious herb! Everyone has been talking about how great it is. Look at the crowd here after hearing about its effects! It’s already become so popular that people are coming in droves!” Quentin flattered.

“If the product is good, customers will naturally return. Mr. Harmon, you also stocked up quite a bit, it seems like you’re going to make a big profit this time.” Edwin smiled.

“It’s all thanks to you, Sir Hummer. We’re all working together to get rich!” Quentin laughed heartily.

“Oh, by the way, have you heard any news from Natasha?” Edwin asked suddenly.

Quentin’s lips curled into a playful smirk. “Speaking of which, there is a bit of news. I just heard that Natasha was going to hold a press conference at the same time and place as you.”

“Oh? Is she trying to provoke me? But how come I didn’t know about this?” Edwin was surprised.

“Not only you, but I don’t think anyone in Swinton knows about it. I’ve already checked into it, and her press conference has no one in attendance! What a joke!” Quentin sneered.

“If there is no one there, then what’s the point of her holding a press conference?” Edwin asked.

“She probably was frustrated by you, that’s why she intentionally pulled this stunt to try and stir up trouble. But now it seems like it’s just backfiring on her.” Quentin replied.

“Heh! I never expected Natasha to resort to such a foolish move. Does she really think that she can restore everything just by relying on the Harmon family’s reputation? How naive!” Edwin shook his head.

In his heart, he couldn’t help but look down on Natasha. Natasha Harmon, the so–called queen of the business world, didn’t seem so impressive after all.

“Sir Hummer, how about we go over and witness the mockery for ourselves?” Quentin extended an invitation.

“I have many important guests coming later, so I can’t leave for now. You go ahead, and please say hello to Natasha for me,” Edwin replied calmly.

“Okay, I’ll go have some fun then. I’ll let you know the details later, Quentin said and left without further ado.

Soon, Quentin and Mr. Wangley arrived at the Harmon family’s press conference. When they walked in, they found the hall empty, with only a few people present.

“Cousin, I didn’t expect you to really hold a press conference. But why is no one here? What the hell are you doing?” Quentin teased as he walked in.

“Did you not come here? Aren’t you a human?” Natasha replied coldly.

Quentin’s lips twitched, but he continued sarcastically, “I see it’s really empty here. Should I bring some friends over to liven up the atmosphere?”

Despite his words, the sneer on his lips could not be concealed.

“Thank you for your kindness, but it’s unnecessary. My guests will arrive soon,” Natasha smiled faintly.

“Cousin, I think you shouldn’t be too stubborn. How can you compete with Edwin with such a poor showing? In my opinion, I think you should just admit your defeat,” Quentin said with a smirk.

“Well, it seems like you’re having a lot of fun!” Ruth piped in angrily.

“Ruth, I’m doing this for your sister’s own good. Rather than making an embarrassment of ourselves, we should stop our losses while we can. Like me, I’ve bought a ton of Eternumax so that I can make a fortune later.” Quentin said confidently.

“You bought the Eternumax? How many did you buy?” Ruth was surprised and asked tentatively.

“I invested all my money and took out many loans to purchase the stocks. This time, I’m going to make a killing!” Quentin raised his chin proudly, waiting for them to rain praise on his intelligence and prowess.

After hearing this, Ruth slapped her forehead and sighed. “It’s all over!”

Eternumax was complete garbage!

It was pure stupidity for Quentin to buy so much Eternumax, moreover with money that he didn’t have!

What an idiot Quentin was!

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