163 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 163

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 163

“Hahaha!” Dustin was so infuriated that he laughed out loud when he saw the guards rush in.

Anyone would have assumed that such a prestigious family would at least put in some effort to uphold their reputation. Who would have guessed that they would act so shamelessly?

Not only did they go back on their word, they even betrayed someone who had offered them help in their time of need! And now that things didn’t go their way, they resorted to violence and threats. How tyrannical and despicable!

“Caden Murray! Are you about to repay kindness with ingratitude?” Dustin’s gaze frosted over, and an imposing air came over him.

“Young man, you’d be smart to back off now. Ten million dollars is enough to last you a lifetime. You better not get greedy!” Caden warned.

People in his position were only interested in what benefited them. Naturally, he would place connections with the Horst family above an unknown doctor like Dustin.

“Am I being greedy, or are you the one taking advantage of me? Do you really think that I’m an easy target whom you can mess around with however you please?” Dustin retorted sharply.

“Uncle Caden, let’s not waste time on this scumbag! Just throw him out and get rid of this eyesore!” Xavier got impatient.

He was green with envy at how Sheila had called Dustin ‘kind sir. She had never addressed him as such!

“I’ll give you one last chance, lad. Take this money and leave, and I’ll pretend that nothing has ever happened today.” Caden gave his ultimatum.

“And I’m giving you your last chance too. Give me the Gozoraberry, or you’ll be sorry!” Dustin threatened authoritatively.

“Hah! You’re really making things hard for everyone, aren’t you?”

Finally, Cader could hold it in no longer. He exchanged a look with Xavier. “Throw him out! Do whatever you like. Just make sure that he doesn’t die.”

“No problem! Tie him up and throw him out! Break his legs if he resists!” Xavier sneered as he waved the guards over.

“Yes, Sir!” The guards rushed up at his command.

“Insolent bastards!” Dustin seethed. He met the guards head–on.

With just a few simple swings of his arm, he delivered slap after slap to the guards‘ faces.
They cried out as they were sent sprawling across the lounge. None of them was a match for Dustin.

“Huh?” Caden and Xavier were surprised at what they saw. They had not expected that a mere doctor like him would be so skilled in combat techniques!

“So it turns out that he’s a practitioner of the martial arts! No wonder he has the guts to behave so pompously!

“Xavier scoffed as he slowly took off his coat.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve loosened up. Well, let’s have some fun today, shall we?” With that, Xavier got ready to attack.

“Hold it right there!” Lily, Sheila, and a few other people burst in hastily.

“Caden, what’s going on? Dustin saved Sheila! Why are you guys attacking him?” Lily questioned.

“This is none of your business, Lily. Bring Sheila back to her room to get some rest.” Caden frowned.

He had brought Dustin to the lounge because he didn’t want his wife and daughter to see what they were doing.

But in the end, they still caught wind of things and came over.

“Is this because of the Gozoraberry, Caden? We made Dustin a promise! Why are you backing out on your words? If word got out, how do you think it’s going to affect our reputation?” Lily got the picture the instant she saw the red box.

“What would a woman know? Get out!” Caden was ashamed, but he lashed out at Lily with his frustration.

“Dad! You’ve always told me to be an honest person, but what are you doing now?”

Sheila took a step forward and demanded, “Dustin just saved my life, but not only are you not grateful towards him, but you’ve also resorted to using violence against him. Since when were you so unreasonable?”

Caden’s expression changed when he heard her words. He couldn’t care less about what others thought about him, but he couldn’t disregard how his daughter saw him.

He had always kept his dirty deeds hidden from his daughter. It was unfortunate that he was caught red- handed today.

“Sheila, Uncle Caden had nothing to do with this. I was the one who wanted the Gozoraberry.”

Xavier stood up to take the blame. I’m just one step away from advancing my skills to the next level, and a Gozoraberry is exactly what will give me the extra push to help me progress. That’s why I shamelessly requested it from Uncle Caden.”

“Even so, you should not have resorted to violence!” Sheila scowled.

“Sheila, you don’t understand! I had planned to buy the Gozoraberry from him for 10 million dollars, but not only did this fella here reject my proposal, he even insulted me! I really couldn’t take it!” Xavier argued indignantly.

“I don’t care! Since you’ve agreed to give Dustin the Gozoraberry, then you can’t just back out at the eleventh hour!” Sheila reached out, snatched the box from Xavier’s hands, and passed it to Dustin.

“You…” At a loss, Xavier could only look to Caden helplessly.

Caden looked none too pleased, but in the end, he only shook his head. He had an image to keep in front of his daughter, so they could only let it slide.

“Dustin, I’m really sorry that you were startled. My father wasn’t in the right state of mind for a while back. there. I apologize on his behalf for offending you. I hope you’ll find it in you to forgive him.” Sheila said apologetically.

Seeing the sincerity in her gaze, Dustin was appeased. It was true that Caden was despicable, but he had to admit that Lily and Sheila were both very understanding and reasonable.

“Mr. Rhys, please have the Gozoraberry. From now on, the Murrays are indebted to you!” Lily said.

“Please do not feel indebted to me. All I ask is that Mr. Murray would not take revenge on me,” Dustin remarked lightly.

“No, he won’t! My father’s not like that!” Sheila shook her hand and turned to look at Caden, throwing him a threatening glance.

Caden had no other choice but to nod. “What happened today was just a misunderstanding, please don’t take offense.”

“If that is the case, thank you. I have other arrangements made, so I’ll be taking my leave now.” Dustin turned to leave.

“Dustin, will we meet again?” Sheila suddenly asked.

“We’ll leave that to fate.” Dustin walked out the door with a wave.

Before he got out the door, he heard a low voice by his ear saying. “You’re lucky Sheila came in the nick of time, you scoundrel. She just saved your sorry ass!”

“You’re the one who lucked out that Sheila came when she did. Otherwise, you’d be a dead man by now.”

Dustin left with a scoff.

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