156 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 156

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 156

“What? How did this happen?” Caden’s expression clouded over as he leaped up instantly.

“I–I don’t know! I found her out cold when I went to wake her up this morning.” The maid was in an anxious mess.

Before she could finish her sentence, Caden and Lily had already bolted out the door and rushed to their daughter’s room. However, the sight that greeted them when they entered frightened them.

Sheila laid unmoving on the Sunburst emerald bed, which originally radiated heat off its surface, but was then covered in a thin sheet of ice.

Her face was completely devoid of any color whatsoever, her limbs were cold and rigid, and there was frost building up on her brows and hair. There were even wisps of white mist coming off her body.

At first glance, she looked like she had just been brought out of an ice cave of some sort.

“Sheila!” Lily panicked and threw herself on her daughter, rubbing her arms and breathing warm air on her in an attempt to warm her up.

“This is bad!” Caden’s expression was as dark as night as he went up to Sheila and felt for her pulse, only to find it barely there. Even her breath was faint. She looked like she would not last another day.

Caden did not have the luxury of time to consider this any further. He immediately channeled his internal energy over to Sheila.

Soon, the frost around her started to melt. But Sheila’s body remained cold and rigid, and she still wasn’t coming around.

“Lily, quick! Call Dr. Shane! Get him here pronto!” Caden hurriedly instructed.

Though his internal energy was sufficient to keep his daughter’s pulse going, it was not going to hold up for much longer.

“Okay!” Without a moment to waste, Lily called a number straight away.

However, her face fell after a short conversation. “Dr. Shane is on his way here, but he reckons that he can only reach here by nightfall.”

“By nightfall? That’d be too late!”

Caden frowned. “Inform Claudia about this. Get her to find all the doctors available in Swinton. I want all of them here!”

“Alright!” Lily went out to make another call.

Before the hour was up, Claudia, though distressed, had arrived with a group of doctors in tow.

Some of them were heads of departments, some were professors, and some were experts in their fields. But every doctor in the whole of Swinton, who was even the least bit well–known, was present.

“Whoever saves my daughter will receive a handsome reward from us, the Murrays!” Caden cut right to the chase and promised them what seemed like a great temptation.

“Be at ease, Mr. Murray, we will do our best!” The doctors were all motivated by the promise.

When they heard that it was the Murrays they were helping out, they figured that the opportunity for their big break had come. Everyone knew the Murrays‘ status.

If they could cure Shelia of whatever disease she had, they would not only make a name for themselves, but they would also make acquaintances with the Murrays.

By then, not only would they have gained fame and earned favor from the Murrays, but they would even walk away with a huge sum of money. Of course, they were going to go for it!

However, when they eagerly went in to check on Sheila’s condition, one by one their brows furrowed and a troubled look took over their faces.

They realized that whatever Sheila was suffering from was indeed strange. She was icy cold all over, with cold air coming off her. It was beyond anything they’d ever seen or heard.

For a brief moment, nobody dared to take any action.

“Doctors, there are so many of you here, please don’t tell me that there’s nothing any of you can do?” Caden grimaced at them.

“Well…” They all looked around sheepishly and kept quiet.

“A bunch of rubbish!” Caden’s expression darkened. Though he had not held much hope that they would be able to cure his daughter, the outcome was still infuriating.

“Uncle Caden! Sheila’s in really bad shape!” Claudia exclaimed.

They looked over to find that Sheila, who was still lying on the emerald bed, was getting colder with each passing moment. Her breath was also extremely feeble.

“Oh no! Her condition has taken a turn for the worst!” Caden’s brows were tightly knit.

The channeling of his internal energy to Sheila could only help for so long. It would not be able to cure her.

“What do we do? Sheila is going to be alright, won’t she?” Claudia panicked.

They had grown up together, and their relationship was like that of sisters. Naturally, she did not wish for anything bad to befall her.

“Caden, why don’t we give this a try?” Lily took out a red pill.

It was the pill that Dustin gave them. She had not been able to bring herself to just throw it out, so she kept it in her pocket the whole time.

“Are you kidding me? How can this help Sheila?” Caden made a face.

“Just give it a try. We do not have any better options, do we? Who knows, it might just work!” Lily’s expression was solemn.

If she had a choice, she would not put her daughter’s life at risk too. But the situation was dire, and the doctors were helpless. Dr. Shane was still on his way, and they had no other options. She had to resort to every possible way to save her daughter.

“What if it’s poisonous?” Caden hesitated.

“Since he dares to come up to us, he must have a certain level of confidence in what he’s doing. And I think that it is not likely he’d spike the pill with any sort of poison, after all, I do not believe that anyone would do something as imprudent as going against the entire Murray household,” Lily expounded.

Caden fell silent.

He took a glance at his daughter, who was icy cold all over, and he clenched his jaws. Then, with a decisive nod, he said, “Alright then! Let’s give it a try.”

Lily drew a deep breath before she took the pill and fed it to Sheila.

The pill was quick to dissolve, and it slid down Sheila’s throat. As soon as it reached her stomach, the pill began to work its wonders.

The effect was almost immediate as the cold air around Sheila began to dissipate, and a moment later, wisps of warm breath began to escape her.

At the same time, the frost that had formed on her brows and hair melted away rapidly.

Her body, which had been rigid with coldness, began to warm up and eased up, and a healthy hue of redness crept up her countenance. Even her breath grew steady.

“It works!” Lily’s eyes lit up with excitement.

Though they did not know what the pill was made of, its effects were apparent. It did indeed rid their daughter of the coldness within her.

“Could it be possible that the rascal was telling the truth?” Caden’s eyes widened in disbelief.

He had thought that Dustin was just a scammer who was out to cheat him of his money and demand an unreasonable sum.

It had never occurred to him that the pill, which he had considered trash and almost thrown away, would save his daughter in their time of need!

“Uncle Caden, Aunt Lily, where did this pill come from? It’s miraculous!” Claudia was amazed.

“Claudia, do you remember the rascal who saved the both of you yesterday?” Caden asked.

“Of course I do! Who knows where he came from. He might be dangerous!”

“He was the one who gave us the pill.”

“What?” Claudia’s eyes widened in shock.

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