152 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 152

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 152

A resounding crash was heard as the doors to the center were busted open.

Without hesitation, seven masked assassins swarmed Into the center.

“Shit! They caught up to us!” Claudia cursed.

They were ambushed by these assassins, who wiped out their team of bodyguards.

Only Claudia and Sheila managed to break through the siege and escape. Claudia thought that they had shaken off the pursuit. Unfortunately, the assassins were relentless.

“Sheila, I’ll hold them back. You have to escape through the back door!” Claudia whispered.

“If I escape, you will definitely be killed, I am their target, so they will not hurt me. I’ll let them take me as a hostage.” Sheila’s face was pale.

“Sheila! As your personal bodyguard, my duty is to ensure your safety. Listen to me!” Claudia stood in front of Sheila resolutely, protecting her.

“There’s no need to argue. We will be taking the both of you!” A bald man laughed evilly as he walked in.

Unlike the other assassins, this man wasn’t masked and emitted a murderous aura.

“Thor Garcia?” Claudia’s eyes narrowed.

Thor Garcia was one of the Four Scoundrels, infamous for conducting illegal raids and providing hitmen services in exchange for money. They were excellent martial artists and money–grubbing lunatics. Their names struck fear into everyone who heard of their reputation.

“Oh, my! What an honor for Ms. Doyle to recognize me!” The bald man said with a mocking smile.

“Thor Garcia! Regardless of how much you were compensated for this assignment, I will double it if you let us go!” Claudia offered.

“Ms. Doyle, I may love money, but I’m more interested in your value. As long as I capture both of you, money will naturally roll in!” Thor laughed,

“There will be terrible consequences if you harm us in any way!” Claudia warned him again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to harm both of you. I just need your identities for a deal. It would be better for you not to retaliate. Otherwise, I can’t guarantee your safety. Get them!”

Thor smirked and gestured to his men. The assassins behind him leaped forward to capture them.

“Sheila, run!” Claudia shouted as she rushed forward, ignoring her weakened condition.

Her movements were quick as lightning, and her attacks were ruthless. Even though she was severely injured. she single–handedly fought against the group of assassins. It was obvious that her skills were top–notch as she put up a good fight.

“Having such formidable internal energy at such a young age, It is no wonder that you are from a martial arts family. I’m envious of your natural talents. However, it’s a shame that you’re still lacking in terms of experience.” Thor narrowed his eyes.

When Claudia was distracted by the assassins, Thor saw an opening and sneakily attacked her from behind.

Blood spurted out from her mouth as she was thrown backward and crashed against a table.

“Claudia!” Sheila cried.

“That’s a despicable move!” Claudia gritted her teeth and glared at Thor.

“Despicable or not, it doesn’t matter when I am the last person standing.” Thor scoffed, without an ounce of shame.

“Wait a minute! I’m your real target, aren’t I? I’ll go with you! However, you must let Claudia and that man go!” Sheila spread her arms wide with her back towards Claudia.

“Ms. Murray, you are in no position to negotiate with us.” Thor laughed.

“If you refuse, I’ll kill myself! Then, you will have nothing to show for your efforts!” Suddenly, Sheila pressed a knife to her neck. The determination in her eyes was blazing as she glared at Thor.

“Stop, Ms. Murray! Don’t be so reckless!” Thor was caught by surprise.

This young lady was precious cargo. If any harm came to her, he would be in huge trouble!

“I’ll repeat myself. Will you agree to let them go?” Sheila increased the pressure on the knife, and a trickle of blood flowed down her neck.

“Alright, alright! I’ll do what you say! As long as you leave quietly with us. I’ll let them go!” Thor nodded hastily.

“Sheila, stop it! What are you doing?” Claudia screamed. She scrambled to stand up but failed due to her severe injuries.

“Claudia, this is the best solution right now. You need to stay alive. Besides, they won’t hurt me.” Sheila squeezed out a forced smile. She knew what they were here for. At the very least, she wouldn’t be in immediate danger.

“Ms. Murray, time is running out. Let’s get moving!” Thor showed her to the doors.

Holding the knife to her neck, Sheila walked in silence. The assassins were lined up in two rows as they eyed her fiercely.

“Stop right there! Are you going to leave just like that?” Dustin, who had remained silent all this while, spoke up.
“What? Are you trying to be a hero?” Thor turned to him and growled. Anyone who tried to stop him would be beaten into a pulp until he begged for mercy!

“You kicked my doors down, destroyed my fumiture, and now you are leaving without any compensation? How shameless could you be?” Dustin said nonchalantly.

Everyone was dumbstruck at his request. No one expected Dustin to ask for compensation at this juncture.

“Punk! Are you fucking kidding me? How dare you ask for compensation? Don’t you know who I am?” Thor cackled.

“I don’t care who you are. Even if the emperor himself turns up, no one is allowed to leave without paying!” Dustin demanded.

Thor and his men roared with laughter at Dustin, thinking that he had lost his mind.

“Stop talking any further! You are no match for these men!” Sheila motioned to Dustin.

“Do you have a death wish? These men will murder you without a second thought. How dare you ask them for money?” Claudia frowned.

Did this man have a screw loose? Wasn’t he aware of how dangerous a situation he was in?

“Murder? Shouldn’t they pay up for causing damage to the property regardless?” Dustin reasoned.

“You-!” Claudia choked on her saliva.

What nonsense was this man spouting? She just told him that Thor was a heartless murderer.

How could this man be so persistent about getting compensated?

Was it worth it to lose his life over mere pennies?

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