146 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 146

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 146

“Huh?!” James” jaw dropped to the floor looking at the representatives from the Hummer family kneeling toward him.

Everyone’s eyes were as big as saucers as they stared in disbelief.

Who would’ve thought that the high and mighty Hummer family would ever kneel toward them in their lives?

Were these mega–bigshots ever this humble before? What was wrong with them today? Were they sick or something?

“What’s happening? Didn’t the Hummers come to retaliate? Why are they all kneeling?”

“What are the Hummers doing? This isn’t some kind of reverse psychology tactic, right?”

“Something’s fishy here. I think this is part of their plan!”

As the Nicholsons continued to stare at the Hummers who were kneeling in front of them, not only were they not the least bit happy about this, but this even frightened them tremendously.

Some of their legs even gave out as time passed. That was because the scene in front of them was too overwhelming for them to handle.

To think that a mega bigshot would kneel for them? They couldn’t even see it happening in their dreams.

“Forgive me. Ms. Nicholson. The Hummers were the ones who were at fault last night. Thus, we are gathered here today for the young lady to offer her sincere apologies to you in person. I hope you can forgive us, Ms. Nicholson.” After Fletcher took the lead and spoke up, he immediately bent down and kneeled on the ground with the utmost sincerity.

“Our sincere apologies, Ms. Nicholson!” The representatives from the Hummer family shouted. All of them kneeled in unison afterward, without much thought for their reputation.

Such a turn of events dumbfounded the Nicholsons yet again. So, it was true! The Hummers were apologizing to them!

But the question now was, why?

“W–why are you all? What is going on, Mr. Lawson?” Dahlia stuttered while lying on her hospital bed. She was so antsy about the situation that she immediately got out of bed.

Weren’t they here for revenge? Why were they kneeling toward her?

“The Hummers aren’t unreasonable people. We admit our mistakes when we’ve done wrong, so we hope that you can forgive us for our trespasses, Ms. Nicholson, Fletcher replied with his head lowered.

“What are you talking about, Mr. Lawson? Please get up quickly! I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding. We’d already be glad if the matter was dropped entirely. What other reason do we have to accuse the Hummer family of?” Florence apologized profusely with a big smile after she came to her senses.

“Yes, she’s right! Please get up from the floor, Mr. Lawson!” The Nicholsons were still in a state of shock even now.

To them, it was already a huge relief that the Hummers were willing to let the matter slide. They wouldn’t ever have the guts to coerce them into apologizing to them.

“As long as you continue to refuse to accept our apology, we’ll continue kneeling like this until the end of time. Ms. Nicholson.” Fletcher insisted stubbornly.

“Please get off the floor, Mr. Lawson. Let’s just pretend none of this ever happened, alright? Dahlia spluttered. somewhat at a loss for words.

Even though Tina was the one who was at fault, she ended up being the one who suffered more severe injuries than Dahlia.

While she was expected to recover in about three to five days, she doubted if Tina could even get out of bed by herself without resting in bed for hall a month first.

This was the main reason she was so speechless when she heard that Tina, a member of the usually pigheaded Hummer family, was even going to apologize to her.

“Thank you, Ms. Nicholson, for being so kind to us!” Fletcher exclaimed as his face lit up with joy. He proceeded to give her a bow before gesturing for the representatives from the Hummer family to get up off the floor.

“This is great. So it was a misunderstanding, after all. We should be fine now.” Florence let cut a long sigh of relief.

Although she didn’t know what had just happened, it was obvious that they managed to tide through this time of crisis unscathed.

“That’s right! Peace and harmony bring wealth, after all!” James grinned, even though his back was drenched in a cold sweat.

Just when everyone thought that they were sale, Dustin suddenly spoke out, “Wait a minute. Tina was the one who beat Dahlia up, so it’s only fair that she apologize too,”

The crowd immediately burst into an uproar the moment they heard that. Some of the representatives from the Hummer family started exchanging glances with frowns on their faces.

Meanwhile, it felt as if the Nicholsons had been struck by lightning, as all of them remained frozen on the spot.

Was that man batshit crazy?!

The Hummers had already announced that they planned to drop the matter entirely, so why was it that this man still insisted on courting death on their behall?

It was one thing to beat her up and cause such a huge disaster to happen in the first place, so why did he still insist on getting an apology out of Ms. Hummer when the Hummers had already decided to drop the matter?

The fucking audacity of this bastard!

“Rhys! Have you been kicked in the head by a donkey? If you don’t know what to say, then shut up!” The moment she reeled back from her shock, Florence barked at him out of fear,

“You little shit! If you want to fucking kick the bucket so much, why don’t you keep us out of this!” James cursed and felt like going up to him to throw hands.

“Some balls you got. Rhys! The Hummers let you off by the grace of their hearts, and yet you still dare to say that so shamelessly! Do you want to die so badly?”

To them, Dustin was a lunatic who spouted nonsense. Both parties had already reconciled with one another, so why bother stirring up trouble again?

What if this angered the Hummers? Then, who would be the one to take the fall?

“Is it not right to seek an apology from someone who beat you up? Am I wrong?” Dustin asked plainly.

“Shut the fuck up, Rhys! You’re a nuisance. You’re going to get us killed!” Florence jumped to her feet and cursed.

“Dustin! Please stop this, okay?” Dahlia pleaded as she broke out in a cold sweat too.

She hadn’t expected the man in front of her to spew such outrageous words from his mouth in their current predicament.

“Fine. I’ll shut up. I’ll leave the rest up to all of you,” Dustin replied. Without saying anything more, he retreated to a corner, by his own admission.

“I think his brain must have been fried, Ms. Hummer. Thus, you shouldn’t pay him any mind.” Florence immediately lunged forward to apologize, as she was afraid of offending the Hummer family.

“Yes, yes! This guy is a psychopath. He no longer has dealings with the Nicholsons.” James was also full of smiles as he feigned humility.

However, instead of feeling any sort of relief, the representatives from the Hummer family turned extraordinarily gloomy instead.

After Fletcher whispered a few words to Tina, who was nearly fully paralyzed in her wheelchair, Tina gritted her teeth and finally opened her mouth to croak something.

I–I’m sorry…it was all my fault,” She said, out of breath.

The whole room fell dead silent the moment she finished.

Florence and the rest were even more shell–shocked, as their expressions immediately twisted into shock.

Did the spoiled young lady of the Hummers, the one who called all the shots in Swinton, actually just apologize?

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