140 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 140

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 140

The night grew dark as rain poured down. The streets were empty, as there was no one around.

Just then, a fleet of black Hummer vehicles drove in at high speed, splashing puddles of water. The vehicles pulled up at the entrance of a hospital building.

As the car doors opened, a group of burly, muscular men got out.

One of them was smoking a cigar.

He was a large and muscular man with a beard, more than six feet tall at least a head above normal men. His arms and thighs were bulging with muscle.

“Guild master! That man is still inside, he never left.” The last assassin pointed to one of the floors of the building.

He had been lying in wait for support to arrive as he spied on Dustin.

“I expected that you could handle this guy on your own. Why do I still have to be personally involved?” The bearded man narrowed his eyes with displeasure.

He was the guild master of the White Dragon guild!

“Guild master, don’t underestimate that guy. He took us down as easily as dominoes!” The assassin reported.

“Alright, surround the building. The earlier we get this settled, the earlier we can rest,” Dracor ordered impatiently.

If it weren’t for Edwin’s orders, he wouldn’t have inconvenienced himself by coming down personally.

“Stop! Who goes there!” A group of bodyguards dressed in suits streamed out of the building. They were the Harmon family’s men.

“What, was there a group of men protecting him? Alright, you boys can use them for practice.” Dracor motioned to his men.

“Yes, guild master!” His disciples behind him grinned evilly and rushed up to fight the bodyguards. They were out for blood like a pack of wolves.

“Stop them!” The bodyguards were not to be outdone. They pressed forward as one to block the guild members.

The scene erupted into chaos.

Although the bodyguards were well–trained, their fighting skills weren’t on the same level as those of the members of the White Dragon guild.

After a while, the bodyguards were forced to retreat, falling under the pressure.

“Who dares to go against the Harmon family? An aggressive roar Interrupted the fight as Stephan emerged with a few of his comrades.

Making his way through the crowd, the guild members were repelled backward by Stephan’s internal energy. creating a space around him.

“Oh, is he a martial artist with internal energy? How dare you show off your tricks in front of an expert? Get out of the way!” Dracor had a cold smile on his lips.

Stephan threw fist after fist without stopping, forcing the guild members to fall back. They were no match for him.

“Reckless bastard!” Dracor took a deep breath and released a surge of energy in Stephan’s direction.

The attack sliced through the raindrops and zeroed in on him.

Fortunately, Stephan had a keen sense of danger. He noticed the attack coming and went into a defensive stance.

“Boom!” An explosive sound was heard as Stephan’s defense was shattered.

He was blown backward about 30 feet away, leaving deep tracks on the ground. Stephan was flung onto a wall like a ragdoll as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Weakling.” Dracor scoffed.

Dracor thought that he had finally met a worthy challenger. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t even withstand a single blow.

“Y–You, who are you?” Stephan furrowed his brows and stared at the towering figure in front of him.

Due to the darkness, he couldn’t identify who the man was.

“How dare you beat up my men if you don’t even know who I am?” Dracor approached him menacingly.

Stephan finally recognized him when his bearded face was illuminated by the streetlights.

“You–You are Dracor Milfroy?” Stephan fixed his eyes on the man as fear spread across his face.

The nightmare he dreaded really came true!

“Since you seem to know me, we can settle this easily, Kneel down and beg for your life. If I’m in a good mood,

I might let you go.” Dracor laughed mockingly as if he was entertained by Stephan’s fear.

“Both of you, go and tell Mr. Rhys to escape. I’ll hold them back!” Stephan gritted his teeth and prepared himself for a fight to the death.

“Yes, Sir!” The bodyguards behind Stephan ran into the building without hesitation. Their mission was to protect Dustin and they were prepared to do it at the expense of their lives.

“Heh, do you think you could hold me back?” Dracor smirked.

“I’ll do my best to buy him some time!” Stephan was determined.

“Don’t blame me for your death since you were the one who asked for It! Dracor scoffed again.

He flew at Stephan like a streak of lightning.

I’m going all out!” Stephan took a deep breath and faced Dracor squarely.

Both of them collided directly into each other as another loud explosion was heard.

Stephan was thrown back like he had been hit by a truck, His body llew into the air and landed heavily on the ground with a loud thud. Blood spurted out from his mouth and nose. He did not even have the strength to stand up.

“Don’t overestimate your abilities!” Oracor taunted.

Compared to Dracor strength, Stephan’s internal energy and skills were feeble.

“Mr. Rhys, I did my best. I hope I have bought enough time for you to escape, Stephan muttered as he laid in the rain, despair in his eyes.

Dracor was on another level as he had already attained the highest tier of martial arts. In addition, he had trained his body to be as impenetrable as steel.

No wonder he was deemed the best martial artist in Swinton!

Stephan knew that he was no match for Dracor. He couldn’t even put up a good fight.

“It is an honor for you to die at my hands!” Dracor came up to Stephan and stared at him condescendingly, like looking down on a bug.

He lifted his leg to stomp on Stephan’s chest and finish him off.

At that moment, all the glass windows of the hospital building shattered simultaneously.

A dark figure swooped down and landed heavily on the ground. The tough cement crumbled beneath his feet and large cracks propagated from the spot where he landed, like a spider’s web that extended for miles.

“Who is it?” Everyone had bewildered expressions on their faces.

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