137 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 137

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 137

The rain was falling even harder.

Edwin was in the middle of a conversation with Fletcher at the Hummer Villa.

“Mr. Hummer, the first batch of Eternumax has been sold out. On top of that, we received a lot of positive feedback. A lot of people are interested in partnering with us in the long term. Now, we’ll be able to mass produce this product!” Fletcher reported excitedly.

“That’s the secret recipe for you, alright. Who would’ve thought it would have such great feedback right after its debut?” Edwin laughed joyfully.

He originally thought that it would take a while for people to warm up to the product. He didn’t expect the opportunity to present itsell so quickly.

At that point, he must strike the iron while it’s hot.

“Speaking of which, we should be grateful to the Harmon family. Without their painstaking research all these years, we wouldn’t have this baby in our hands right now.” Fletcher grinned.

“Natasha was foolish to dare to fight against me! I’ll defeat her once and for all with Eternumax!” Edwin said happily.

“Then I shall congratulate Sir Hummer in advance for your success!” Fletcher clapped.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Time to join Tina’s party. If I’m too late, she’ll certainly have some complaints.”

Just as Edwin stood up with a grin on his face–An old butler ran into the room frantically and exclaimed, “Sir! Bad news! Ms. Hummer has been beaten up!”

“What? Beaten up? What on earth happened?!” Edwin frowned.

Who was brave enough to dare touch Edwin’s daughter?

“There was a kid who stirred things up at the party. He even beat Ms. Hummer half to death in front of everyone! Ms. Hummer has already been sent to Hummers Hospital. The butler reported in a hurry.

Hummers Hospital was under the Hummers‘ supervision. It was also one of the top hospitals in Swinton. The doctors are all global elites in the medical field who pledged to serve the Hummer family.

“Go! To the hospital!” Edwin didn’t spare another second and immediately rushed to the hospital along with a group of people.

However, as he cautiously stepped into the hospital ward, his eyes widened in disbelief at the Jarring scene that greeted him.

On the bed laid his own daughter, Tina, who was nearly lifeless.

Her face was utterly unrecognizable, a mangled and gory mess.

Her limbs were even worse, appearing as if they had been brutally torn apart from her body, her bones shattered and beyond repair.

“Who?! Who did this?” Edwin roared like a crazed lion.

For all his years, no one dared lay a finger on his daughter.

“Sir Hummer, from what we’ve found, it seemed to be done by a guy named Dustin.”

At that moment, an injured bodyguard explained the earlier events to Edwin. After hearing his explanation, his expression immediately turned dark.

“That son of a bitch again! He keeps ruining my day! I’ll cut him into pieces! Guards! Get me the best trackers and track him down, I want him captured alive!” Edwin clenched his fists and said between gritted teeth.

“Also, kill the entire Nicholson family! I want them all dead!”

“Yes, Sir!” After receiving orders, the group of people immediately scattered.

“Sir Hummer, that guy’s skill is quite unmatched. Not anyone could go against him.” Fletcher said. He’d been slapped by Dustin once. Until now, he’s still a bit traumatized.

“What are you trying to say?” Edwin turned around.

“From what I know, it would be best to summon the White Dragon guild. The members are all top–notch fighters. It shouldn’t be a problem for them to take on that guy.” Fletcher suggested.

“White Dragon guild? Don’t you think it’s overkill to use them against a nobody?” Edwin narrowed his eyes.

The White Dragon guild was Edwin’s secret weapon, and he wouldn’t use it lightly.

“Sir Hummer, this guy is not just a normal fighter. He has the Harmon family supporting him. To be safe, we must summon the White Dragon guild. It would be the best choice.” Fletcher advised seriously.

After pondering for a few seconds, Edwin finally made the decision. “Alright! Contact the White Dragon Guild immediately. Get me the best fighters!”

Whoever dared to lay a finger on his daughter would have to pay the ultimate price!

On the other hand, in Java Joys.

“What? Dustin stirred up trouble at the Hummer’s party? And he beat Tina into a pulp?” Natasha was completely shocked at her sister’s words.

“Yeah! Oustin is insane! He beat her up in front of so many people! He even tore her limbs apart. He’s really on another level!” Ruth said excitedly.

“He doesn’t seem like someone who’d do something irrationally. How could he do something like that?” Natasha was puzzled,

“Probably because of that girl! How could he hold back after that Nicholson was publicly shamed? That’s why he went to get revenge.” Ruth did not hide anything from her sister. Alter hearing the news, she shared every single detail with her.

“No wonder.” Natasha nodded.

“Sis, aren’t you mad at all?” Ruth was a little surprised.

“Why should I be?” Natasha asked.

“Dustin mace such a grand move for that woman. It’s obvious there are still some lingering feelings between them. Are you not bothered by it?” Ruth was straight to the point.

“Dummy, they just got a divorce. Of course, there would be some lingering feelings. That’s inevitable. Also, if Dustin had not acted on it, he would ve lost my respect.” Natasha was unconcerned.

“Sis, I really don’t get what you’re thinking sometimes. I wouldn’t be able to let it go if a man I like had lingering feelings for other women.” Ruth scratched her head.

“After all, the ball is in their court. I believe that Dustin wouldn’t let me down.” Natasha smiled.

Dustin’s pride wouldn’t allow him to make the same mistake twice.

“I hope so. Rather than Tyler, I would much prefer Dustin to be my brother–in–law,” Ruth muttered.

“Alright, that’s enough. Nothing is set in stone yet. Tell the others to keep an eye on Dustin. If he’s in danger, make sure to help him immediately!” Natasha rolled her eyes and ordered.

“Okay!” Ruth nodded and immediately lelt.

They were both well aware that Edwin would not let this go easily.

It was inevitable for a war to happen…

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