134 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 134

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 134

“You dare to hit someone from Boulderthorn? You must be tired of living!” Troy’s gaze immediately turned cold and unfriendly.

Troy and Oliver were as close as brothers, and any harm inflicted upon one was seen as an affront to the other.

“Save me! Save me!” Tina’s eyes lit up with hope at the sight of Oliver and Troy, and she suddenly regained some of her energy.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Hummer. With me and Oliver here, this guy won’t be able to harm you!” Troy assured confidently.

As soon as he finished speaking, Dustin delivered another brutal slap, causing Tina to be flung across the table.
Without a second of hesitation, he immediately proved him wrong.

“You-!” Oliver was furious.

He was caught off guard by Dustin’s unpredictable actions, causing a slight delay in his response.

“You bastard! You’re dead meat! Your entire family will be dead! These two are the best fighters in

Boulderthorn. You’re just a piece of trash in front of them! I’ll let them break all of your limbs before torturing you myself!” Tina sneered, her face contorted with a lust for vengeance as she stood up shakily.

“Boulderthorn?!” Hearing the name, everyone broke into whispers once again.

Everyone was familiar with the name.

Boulderthorn was one of the top two guilds in the entire South City. The disciples of Boulderthorn were renowned for their incredible strength and skill, able to move mountains with just a small kick.

But the top disciples were on another level altogether, possessing an unparalleled level of prowess and finesse. One of them was enough to wipe out an entire room.

“Who would’ve thought that people from Boulderthorn are here? Looks like this fellow is really dead meat.”

“Well deserved! Whoever dares to make a ruckus here would have to pay the ultimate price!”

“Kid, if I were you, I’d be on my knees begging for forgiveness. If you’re lucky enough, you’d get a chance to live.”

The crowd erupted into a frenzied discussion, with people whispering and shouting their opinions on the unfolding scene.

From their perspective, Dustin is indeed skilled in lighting. However, in front of the top disciples from Boulderthorn, he wouldn’t even stand a chance!

“So what if you’re from Boulderthom? No one can stop me from doing what I want to dol” Dustin replied coldly, without a hint of fear.

“Bastard! You’re crazy! If I hadn’t gone easy on you last time, do you think you could get away without a scratch?” Oliver was furious.

“Oliver, let me handle it.”

Troy approached Dustin with a darkened face, but before he could take any action, Oliver stopped him with a hand. “Wait, do we really need to do this? This guy isn’t even from a guild. If we accidentally kill him, won’t people start spreading rumors about Boulderthorn bullying others?”

As he spoke, he signaled the two bodyguards behind them. “Anna, Emma, get rid of that punk! Don’t hold back!”

“Yes, Sir!” The two women immediately pulled out their swords.

Two days earlier, they weren’t prepared, so they were defeated by Dustin. But today, they would not let the same mistake happen again.

“Mr. Williams! That bastard’s not an easy target. Aren’t you underestimating him too much by sending the two of them against him?” Tina was suspicious.

“Don’t worry, Ms.Hummer. The two of them are very skilled. They were trained by my father. Defeating him is nothing for them!” Oliver said confidently.

To be honest, both of them were even more skilled than he was.

“Alright! Then I’m counting on you to get my revenge!” Tina said with an evil smirk.

“No problem!” As soon as Oliver gave a signal, the two women sprung into action, one flanking Dustin on the left and the other on the right, both bearing down on him with fierce determination.


As the women closed in on him, their swords shimmered with deadly precision, a testament to their impressive skill and training.

Right when everyone thought Dustin was about to meet his end. With a loud “Clang!“, the two swords were shattered into pieces.

The impact was so sudden and powerful that the two women were sent hurtling through the air as if struck by a car, flying across the room.

Before hitting the ground, a spray of blood erupted from the women’s mouths, painting the air crimson, as they collapsed into unconsciousness.

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