130 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 130

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 130

Over at the banquet hall, Dahlia was puzzled when she saw Julie panting as she entered. “Didn’t you say that you were waiting for a friend, Julie? Where’s your friend?”

“Something came up and she couldn’t make it.”

She smiled sheepishly. “Oh, Dahlia, could you lend me your compact mirror, please? I need to fix my makeup.”

“I remembered that you’ve brought one yourself,” Dahlia said.

“Mine’s faulty. I’d prefer to use yours.” Without waiting for a reply, Julie took Dahlia’s bag and fished around in it.

Dahlia was annoyed by that. She had to admit, her cousin was really a spoiled brat who lacked manners.

“Thanks, Dahlia.” Julie tossed Dahlia’s bag back to her after she managed to get the compact mirror out. Then, she made up some excuse to go to the washroom.

Right at that moment, Tina made her entrance, followed by a crowd behind her, creating a ruckus in the banquet hall,

In the end, she stopped smack in the middle of the hall.

“Quiet down, everyone. I have an announcement to make.” Tina raised her hand and gestured for the crowd to calm down.

The effect was immediate and the hall fell silent.

“It’s my birthday party today, and it was meant to be a happy occasion, but something awful has happened!”

Tina’s gaze swept across the hall before she continued. “A pair of valuable earrings which I have intended to wear for the occasion has been stolen. They are a unique pair of custom–made Pandarum earrings, and they are priceless to me!”

The crowd was in an uproar when they heard that.

“What? Did someone steal Miss Hummer’s earrings? Who has the guts to do that?”

“We must find out who did it! Such a vile person must never be let off the hook!”

“Damn it! If I ever find out who stole Miss Hummer’s belongings, I’ll make sure to rearrange his face!”

The crowd in the hall was all worked up, shouting curses and threats at the thief.

On the one hand, they despised the thief, but on the other hand, they were trying to please Tina.

“Everyone, please calm down. The fact is, I know who did it.” Tina continued.

“Who? Where’s the thief among us? Everyone looked around, trying to figure out who the culprit was.

Tina smiled mirthlessly and strode over to Dahlia.

“She’s the one!” Tina pointed a finger at Dahlia.


The crowd was collectively taken aback by the accusation.

If the culprit had been a creep, they would have gone ahead and taught him a lesson.

But it turns out that the person whom Tina had accused of stealing her belongings was an enchanting beauty.

Everyone was at a loss.

“Isn’t that the president of Quine Group? Why would she steal?”

“Exactly! Everyone knows Ms. Nicholson. She wouldn’t stoop so low, would she?”

“One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature. Who knows what vile Intentions this lady is hiding behind her glamorous appearance?”

The men were generally doubtful of Tina’s accusation, whereas the ladies trusted her fully.

“Miss Hummer, there must be some sort of misunderstanding. I have not stolen anything.”

Dahlia took a moment to regain her composure before denying Tina’s accusation.

She had never thought that Tina would pin it on her.

“A quick search should easily be able to tell us whether or not you did it.” A faint smile graced Tina’s features.

“Miss Hummer, would it not be inappropriate to conduct a search on a guest whom you’ve invited to your birthday party in front of everyone?” Dahlia knew that she was innocent, but that did not mean that she should allow others to do as they please.

After all, Tina’s suggestion to go through her belongings was an obvious act of disrespect.

“What do you have to fear if you’re not guilty?” Tina smirked.

“That’s right! If you truly are innocent, what harm would a search do to you?”

“Hmph! I think that someone’s just feeling guilty!”

The ladies started to back Tina up.

Dahlia’s presence alone was enough to overshadow their radiance, so they were eager to see her get into trouble.

“Fine, since Miss Hummer insists on going through my things, then, by all means, go ahead.” Dahlia could not be bothered to argue with her, so she handed her bag over.

Her conscience was clear, and she did not want to cause a scene, so she might as well let them go through her bag to prove her innocence.

Tina did not say anything and simply gestured for her bodyguards to search Dahlia’s bag.

Soon, the bodyguards fished out a delicate jewelry box from the bag. The jewelry box even had Tina’s name carved on it.

“Miss Hummer, here it is!” The bodyguard handed the jewelry box over to her.

“Ladies and gentlemen, do you see this?”

Tina raised the jewelry box and took out the pair of magnificent ruby earrings in it, displaying them to the crowd. “This! this is evidence!”

The moment the pair of ruby earrings were produced, it brought about a whoosh of uproar throughout the entire hall.

Eyes widened as shock came over everyone’s faces.

“No way! Would the president of Quine Group do such a thing?”

“Hah! And I thought that she would be above that! Who would’ve guessed that she was so materialistic!”

“I thought that such a beautiful person would know to conduct hersell better than this! Of all things to do, why would she go and steal from others? That’s terrible!”

At that moment, the winds of opinion completely shifted.

With irrefutable evidence staring them in the face, everyone chose to believe Tina.

“No! That’s not possible!!

Dahlia’s expression changed as she shook her head vigorously. “Why is this in my bag? I’ve never even touched it!”

“You bitch!”

Infuriated Tina slapped Dahlia.

Smack! Five red streaks immediately bloomed on Dahlia’s cheek.

“Miss Hummer, I did not steal them! Someone must have set me up!” Dahlia fought to explain.

“How dare you deny it when we have concrete evidence? Seems like you’re one to give up only at the sight of the gallows!” Without saying any more, Tina gave her two more slaps. She truly wasn’t going easy on her.

Dahlia’s face swelled up and her hair was a mess.

“I did not steal!” She clenched her jaws, an unyielding look in her eyes.

“If I said you stole it, that means you did!”

Tina scoffed. “Guards! Hold her down! I’m going to teach her a lesson today!”

“Yes, Miss Hummer!”

Two of her bodyguards went up to Dahlia and restrained her. They held her arms behind her back and brought

her down to her knees so that she was kneeling.

“You slut! How dare you seduce my man? Have you got a death wish?” Tina grabbed hold of Dahlia’s hair, wicked look on her face.

“It was you? You were the one who framed me?” Dahlia was stunned for a moment before it struck her. She had been Tina’s target from the get–go!

“Hah! Guess you’re not such a thickhead after all.” Tina let out a low laugh.

“But so what if you know? No one can help you now. I can deal with you however I want to.” With that, she picked up a bottle of red wine and stuffed the neck of the bottle into Dahlia’s mouth.

The red fluid gushed into Dahlia’s mouth, and Dahlia choked on it, coughing unstoppably. Her face was flushed red.

She felt lightheaded and it was horrible.

“Down it! I said, down it!” Tina’s expression was nothing short of maniacal.

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