118 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 118

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 118

“I see.” Dustin nodded.

Dustin recalled something and asked, “Following what you said, between you and Edwin, whoever first creates Eternumax would dominate the market in Swinton?”

“You could say that,” Natasha confirmed his thoughts.

“However, the documents of my researchers have been robbed. We have to start all over again. It would be too difficult.”

“Humph! That Hummer is too despicable! Him and his dirty tricks!” Ruth was indignant.

“What kind of medicine is Eternumax?” Dustin asked once again.

“Eternumax is a medicine that not only increases your lifespan but also retains beauty. It was said to be derived from an ancient antidote recipe. However, because the recipe was crafted such a long time ago, half of it was lost. We could only keep researching to restore the full recipe.” Natasha explained.

“An ancient antidote recipe?”

“If I’m following correctly, I do know about a type of secret medicine that has a similar effect to Eternumax.” Dustin rubbed his chin

“Oh? And what medicine is that?” Natasha’s eyes sparkled with interest.

“This medicine is called Immortunol. I read about it from a medical book archive. It also increases one’s lifespan and retains beauty. Its effects should be on par with Eternumax.” Dustin smiled faintly.

The archives that he read contained all valuable antidotes that had been lost in time.

Whatever was listed in there was definitely no ordinary medicine.

“Hah! I don’t believe you for one second! Eternumax is a secret ancient recipe. How could this ‘Immortunol‘ even compare to it? I’ve never even heard of such a thing!” Ruth pouted.

“Just because you never heard of it, doesn’t mean it does not exist. There could even possibly be a surprise discovery.” Dustin suggested.

“No matter if it works, we should give it a try. Let me know what ingredients you need. I’ll prepare them right. away.” Natasha offered without any hesitation.

That was because there was no other way to go about this. They were in a bind.

“Rue, bring me a pen and paper.” Dustin tumed around and commanded.

“Hey! I told you a thousand times already. My name is Ruth! Ruth!” Ruth clenched her teeth.

Ruth gave Dustin a kick before bringing him the pen and paper.

After taking the pen and a few scribbles, Dustin finished writing Immortunol’s recipe in an instant.

Natasha scanned through the list and nodded. “These ingredients are quite common and easy to find. The only tricky ingredient would be Luminianth Root.”

*Sis, there are a few sellers in the medicine market. Perhaps we could find some there.” Ruth suggested.

“Yeah. Bring Dustin along to check it out. I still have some stuff to do.” Natasha replied.


Ruth pouted. Although she was a little disappointed, she agreed to her sister’s request.

Her sister had a lot of stuff to do. She knew that she had to help her out. After setting their destination, Ruth drove Dustin to the market. A Mercedes–Benz parked in front of a shop named Emporium. Dahlia and the others stepped out of the car which stopped abruptly. Other than Florence and James, there was also a pretty, well–dressed lady beside them. This woman was Florence’s niece, Julie Amberson.

“Julie, didn’t you say you wanted to get a present? Why are we at a place like this?” Florence was confused.

“Aunt Florence, I just got the news that this shop has a very rare ingredient called the Luminianth Root!” Julie whispered.

“Luminianth Root? What’s it for?” The name piqued Florence’s curiosity.

“It’s great as a gift, of course! Tomorrow is the Hummers‘ birthday party. I’m planning to gift this to Miss Hummer!”

“Why are you gifting this instead of gems or jewelry like everyone else?”

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