102 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 102

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 102

Dustin kicked the limp body of a man lying beside him.

It flew like a bullet and crashed into Mr. Gardner, who was attempting to escape.

He screamed in pain and fell to the ground, unable to run any longer.

“I’ve warned you not to touch her.” Dustin strolled up to him and hissed murderously, his eyes boring dangerously into Mr. Gardner.

“Kid, don’t forget you’re in the police station! You can’t go too far!” Mr. Gardner backed away on all fours.

“Too far? What will you do about it?” Dustin chuckled as he crushed Mr. Gardner’s arm with his foot.

The immense pain from his broken arm caused Mr. Gardner to howl in agony.

“Dustin! Stop it!” Blood drained from Dahlia’s face.

Even though they were innocent, they could be charged with excessive self–defense if they fought back against the police. It would only complicate the situation!

“Come back to your senses, kid! Confess and turn yourself in so that you still have a chance to save yourself. If not, there will be no mercy!” Mr. Gardner threatened with a grimace. Without a word, Dustin kicked Mr. Gardner in the stomach.

Mr. Gardner spurted out the contents of his dinner last night by reflex as pee flowed out of his bladder. A putrid stench filled the air from the mess he created.

“You–You!” Mr. Gardner’s face turned red from the violent coughing as nausea caused him to vomit bile from his stomach.

“Dustin, have you gone crazy? If something untoward happens to Mr. Gardner, we will have to take responsibility!” Dahlia called out frantically.

“Even if I did not fight back, he wouldn’t have let us go either. Since things have come to this, we should just kill him,” Dustin retorted nonchalantly.

“The situation has not escalated to that level. Stop it now, and we can still fix this. If you murdered Mr. Gardner, everyone would have to pay for your mistakes!” Dahlia tried to reason with Dustin.

What if Dustin really went insane and did something stupid out of anger?

“Do you hear that? Another violation from you, I will make sure you and your whole family pay for this!” Mr. Gardner roared.

“Mr. Gardner, what happened?” Draco ran into the room with a group of underlings when they heard the commotion.

However, they were all stunned at the sight of the bloody scene and Mr. Gardner, who was heavily injured.

“Kid, you must be looking for death! Let Mr. Gardner go immediately if you still want to live!” Draco warned.

“Let him go? Alright, take him.” Dustin kicked Mr. Gardner and sent him flying into the air. He crashed hard on a few of Draco’s underlings, taking down several of them simultaneously.

Dahlia was speechless at Dustin’s impudence.

She never thought he could be so reckless as to kick Mr. Gardner.

Even when he was surrounded by ruthless men on all sides, he did not even think of surrendering!

Had Dustin gone mad?

Did he not understand the consequences of crossing Mr. Gardner?

He was the police inspector, also known as Heinous Hades.

Mr. Gardner was the officer in charge of the prison and criminal interrogation. The lives of prisoners were at his mercy.

How could Dustin be so bold?

“Mr. Gardner, are you alright?” Draco quickly helped him up.

Mr. Gardner spewed profanities in a blind rage as he ordered his men, “All of you! Kill that kid right now! I want him dead and his body chopped up into pieces!”

Never had anyone humiliated him in such a manner!

“Kill him!” Draco shouted as they took out their weapons and charged toward Dustin.

Just as the fight was about to break out, a loud voice was heard at the door.

“Stop this instant!”

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