My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup

by Ana Silva

Chapter – 1

The Substitute

Athena Newton gasped for air, her body still buzzing from their passionate rendezvous in the secretary’s lounge. Byron. Crawford clung to her from behind, unwilling to release his grip.

They both indulged in the lingering euphoria, with Byron planting delicate kisses on Athena’s neck, savoring the aftermath of their pleasure.

Byron had been on a 15-day business trip, and he had left

Athena, his personal secretary, behind. Surprisingly, she felt relieved, thinking that perhaps he had grown tired of their 5-year long affair.

Truthfully, she couldn’t help but feel a glimmer of joy about it….

It was five years ago when the debt collector came knocking, and her grandma, Romy Lewis, fell seriously ill, desperately in need of money.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Byron came in. Word had it that Athena bore a striking resemblance to his one true love, Freya Bates,, who went abroad and married a renowned European aristocrat after Byron’s accident left him in a coma.

It was difficult for him to move on when he recovered and realized he had been cast aside.

And then, Athena came into his life. He helped her settle her family’s debts and arranged for the best medical care for her grandmother.

And so, she took on the role of Byron’s secretary, while secretly becoming his lover.

For the past five years, she concealed her true self, molding herself into a mirror image of Freya. She played the part of a tolerant and submissive woman, doing everything in her power to please him.

But the constant act wore her down, and she longed for Byron to find someone to take her place.

To her surprise, when Byron returned from his business trip, instead of going home, he headed straight to the office.

Consumed by desire, he didn’t bother waiting for her to finish work and roughly took his pleasure, leaving her utterly drained.

After a brief rest, Athena softly reminded him, “Mr. Crawford,

the shareholders are waiting for you in the conference room.”

“Humph,” he said, his voice suddenly monotone. He released

Athena and headed straight for the bathroom.

She let out a sigh of relief.

Ignoring the discomfort in her lower body, she made her way to the lounge to fetch Byron’s spare suit.

After his shower, Byron changed into his suit, and Athena gently helped him put on his tie.

As he looked down at her, he couldn’t help but notice how well-behaved and sensible she was. He was pleased.

“There’s a check on the table.Twenty million dollars,” he said

calmly. “And the villa in Lakin will be transferred to your name.”

She stared blankly at Byron, stunned.

Was this some kind of compensation? A severance fee to leave her with?

“Mr. Crawford, why would you…”

Self-satisfaction flowed through him when he saw the confused look in her eyes. He touched her chin and said,

“Consider it a reward.”

A reward?

What had she done to deserve such a generous reward?

Twenty million dollars was a fortune, and the villa in Lakin alone was worth over five times more.

Though Byron had always been generous, he had never given her such a large amount all at once before.

He gently caressed Athena’s slightly swollen lips with his thumb and whispered coldly, “If you do as I say, there will be

more where that came from.”

Athena couldn’t believe it.

What did he mean?

Was he not planning to break up with her yet?

She averted her gaze, maintaining her sweet and graceful

facade. She nodded and replied, “Yes, Mr. Crawford.”

She wasn’t sure if it was her imagination, but it seemed like Byron’s shoulders deflated with relief just a bit.

“Great,” Byron said. “There’s nothing else for you to do this afternoon. You can go home.”

She nodded again. With that, Byron left out the door.

Athena frowned as she picked up the check on the table.

She thought that over the past six months, Byron had grown tired of her.

Not too long ago, she had even caught a glimpse of him. talking with a girl who looked remarkably like Freya.

“This can’t be…” She muttered to herself.

She suddenly heard a buzzing sound from under the bed, where her phone had fallen during their session. She reached for it, and instantly read the headline in her notifications.

[Breaking News: Imbe Group President to Marry Youngest Daughter of Ross Family, Forging Powerful Alliance]

Her heart skipped a beat as she looked between her phone and the check.

The president of Imbe Group was none other than Byron…

The lounge remained in disarray. Her skirt and Byron’s suit were scattered across the floor.

She couldn’t stop laughter from bubbling up inside her.

So, this was the reason why he had suddenly showered her with money and a house.

He wanted to buy her and keep her as his obedient lover, even while he was married.

She suddenly felt sick to her stomach, and rushed to the bathroom to vomit.

When she looked at herself in the mirror afterward, she appeared pale and miserable.

There was no one better at being despicable than Byron.

He was on the verge of getting married, yet he couldn’t let go of Freya and refused to end things with Athena.

“Damn it! Does he think I enjoy being a replacement…?”

She curled her hands into tight fists.

“1 quit!”

After getting dressed, she prepared her resignation letter and made her way to the President’s Office just as Byron’s meeting

was wrapping up.

She walked up to his door, just about to knock and enter, when she heard a loud, teasing voice coming from within. It was Gideon Hale, Byron’s friend from a wealthy family in Hutchin City.

“Now that you’re tying the knot, what’s your deal with Athena?”

There was a moment of silence, before Byron responded coolly, “Nothing. I’m keeping her as usual.”

“Is she up for being a mistress?” Gideon inquired.

“She’s willing to do anything if I throw enough money her way,”

His tone dripped with mockery and disdain.

She stood frozen outside the door, her heart stinging with pain. Their “relationship” was purely transactional after all…

After five years, she had become a mere product in his eyes, to be played with for the right price.

“Really?” Gideon’s voice was excited now. “If I offer her a higher price, will she accept my proposal?”

Before anyone could respond, Byron’s assistant, Liam Carson, spoke up from outside the door.

“Are you alright, Miss Newton?”

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts and nodded at him, then knocked on Byron’s office door and entered,

Gideon’s face was slightly red with embarrassment.

After a moment, he greeted Athena with a smile, as if he hadn’t said anything inappropriate. “Hello, Miss Newton.”

Gideon’s words disgusted her, and she chose to ignore him.

She walked straight to Byron, who still had that same cold. expression on his face.

“Didn’t I tell you to go home?” He asked in a deep voice, obviously displeased.

“Mr. Crawford,” Athena replied, her usual gentleness absent now. She held out her resignation letter with determination. “I’m quitting.”

His face darkened instantly. “What do you mean?”

“When we were together, we agreed that I would never be your mistress and that I would leave once you married.”

Athena placed the letter on his desk. “I will wrap up my current tasks and unfinished projects as soon as possible. Sorry for interrupting your conversation with Mr. Hale.”

After that, Athena turned and walked away.

She paused as she passed Gideon, looking absolutely astonished.

She was tired of being patient and kind.

She glared fiercely at the lustful man, as if he were a piece of trash.

That one look gave Gideon a clear answer to his question.

She would never sell herself to be a homewrecker!

My Mommy Became A Billionaire After her Breakup by Ana Silva

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ana Silva

Native Language: English

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