Chapter 839

Chapter 839

“Why can’t you see how wonderful your life would be if you married Mr. Killian? You’d have the whole world wrapped around your finger!” Florence was exasperated.

“If I want power, I can get it with my hands. I don’t want to get it through marriage.” Dahlia shook her head.

“Dahlia …” Florence sighed resignedly.

“Alright, alright. I guess the fruits of her labor will taste sweeter.” Victoria intervened, but she was secretly happy.

Since Dahlia didn’t like Gavin, Julie might have a chance.

“Look, it’s Mr. Killian!” Julie exclaimed.

Everyone turned toward the door and saw Gavin entering confidently. Wearing a suit, he was followed by a group of men.

The other guests automatically opened a path for them when they walked by. Their intense. aura instantly inade them the center of attention.

“What brings you here, Mr. Killian?” Florence and several others greeted enthusiastically.

“It’s your birthday, Mrs. Nicholson. It’s only natural that I send my wishes.”

Gavin gestured with a smile, and his assistant immediately stepped forward, holding a present.

The box opened, revealing a set of beautiful jewelry.

“Mrs. Nicholson, this is a piece of royal jewelry that belonged to a princess consort. May it bring you joy and fortune.” Gavin passed the present to Florence with a smile.

“That’s lovely!” Florence grinned.

She never imagined that something that belonged to a princess consort would one day be hers. It meant that she was a princess consort herself!

“Please take a seat, Mr. Killian!”

Florence extended her arm to usher Gavin and the people with him to the head of the table.

The banquet hall burst into lively chatter as soon as Gavin was seated.

Guests who had come because of Gavin quickly offered their wishes and gifts to Florence. Most of them also happened to be prominent figures, which only made Florence happier.

“Sir.” Gavin was also going to bask in the attention when his aide suddenly leaned closer and reported.

Rhys managed to escape, and most of our men were killed!”
“The ambush failed?” Gavin frowned.

“We sent so many men after him, yet none of them could get rid of a loser like him?”

“He’s the champion of the Knighthood Society Tournament. He also has thousands of men, so he’s a difficult opponent.” Gavin’s aide’s expression was grim.

“Where is he now?” Gavin narrowed his eyes.

“He just killed Felix Miller, so he should be coming here. Sir, you should retreat, just to be safe, “the aide suggested in a low voice.

Gavin’s elite guards had been almost annihilated, leaving his defenses weak.

Just then, a long-haired man next to Gavin spoke. “What’s the worry? That punk can’t do much with me around anyway.”

The man was only in his thirties, yet he had a powerful air around him. The murderous aura made it hard for others to approach him.

“Dustin Rhys is the champion of the Knighthood Society Tournament. He’s stronger than you think!” the aide warned.

“So what? I can kill him easily,” the long-haired man answered confidently, unfazed.

“Well, with Spike with us, I’m sure nothing will go wrong.” Gavin smiled.

“That guy must have a death wish if he shows up.”

Just as he finished his sentence, there was a loud bang as the door was kicked open.

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