Chapter – 35 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

The man in black hadn’t managed even three blows against Oscar before he was unceremoniously dispatched into the lake.

The Balerno martial arts alliance members were growing increasingly frustrated with the lackluster performance of their representatives. The consecutive losses and the manner in which they were defeated provoked anger and embarrassment. This was taking place on Balerno’s home turf, with most of the audience being Balerno martial artists; witnessing their side lose to Glenstead was not a pleasant sight.

“What a disgrace! Sending such pathetic contenders! It’s utterly humiliating!”

“I can’t believe how easily they’re being defeated by Glenstead! It’s infuriating!”

“If I had known they’d be this weak, I wouldn’t have bothered coming. This is just frustrating to watch!”

Audience members began to voice their discontent, their frustration palpable.

While a single poor match might have been excused, the fact that Balerno had suffered consecutive losses roused strong reactions from the crowd.

Jared was equally infuriated, his frustrations evident as he muttered curses under his breath. Ronald, while quieter, was far from pleased. The three substitutes he had hastily enlisted were clearly not up to par compared to the original participants.

“It’s your turn!” Jared addressed the third contender, a man in gray.

“Your task is the same as the previous contestant’s: focus on wearing Oscar down rather than confronting him directly. Understand?”

“I-I’ll give it my best shot,” the gray-clad man stammered nervously.

Aware of his inability to best Oscar, he hoped to at least prolong the fight, buying time for his alliance.

With a measure of trepidation, he boarded the boat, headed for the arena.

After three minutes, a scream echoed across the arena as the gray-clad man was unceremoniously tossed into the lake, having lasted only a few exchanges.

Water erupted in splashes, followed by bubbles gently rising to the surface.

“Balerno’s fighters are painfully feeble! How can they lose three matches in a row like this?”

“I never anticipated such a dismal performance. I was expecting a fierce contest.”

“It’s like Oscar could easily handle all five on his own!”

Glenstead martial arts alliance members reveled in their success, their taunts amplifying Balerno’s frustration.

A sense of disappointment began to pervade the Balerno supporters, leading some to leave the scene, disheartened by the turn of events.

“What’s happening, Sir Reeds? We’re winning too easily. This is growing boring,” Conrad jeered, his words a scornful jab.

Curiosity piqued Brutus, who couldn’t fathom why the typically strong Balerno martial artists were performing so poorly.

“I heard that three of their fighters were poisoned, so they had to hastily recruit substitutes to fill the void,” Conrad explained with a grin.

“Poisoned? Who would stoop so low?” Brutus was taken aback.

“I have no idea. It certainly wasn’t me,” Conrad shrugged, unwilling to resort to such underhanded tactics.

In the Balerno gazebo, Ronald’s gaze shifted between Dustin and Jared. “We can’t afford more losses. Which one of you is confident enough to win?”

Before Dustin could offer, Jared stepped up. “I’ll take it.”

“Are you certain?” Ronald arched an eyebrow.

“He won’t stand a chance. We can’t rely on him. I’m the only one who can beat Oscar now!” Jared shot a disdainful glance at Dustin.

Realizing that using substitutes to tire Oscar had backfired, Jared now believed he was the only one capable of defeating him.

“Very well. We’re counting on you,” Ronald affirmed, patting Jared’s shoulder.

“I’ll come out on top!” Jared announced before leaping onto a boat, making his way towards the arena.

“Hey, it’s Jared!”

“Go for it, Jared! Make us proud!”

“Show that arrogant guy what you’re made of, Jared!”

Upon spotting Jared, Boulderthorn disciples perked up, their prior departures temporarily suspended.

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