Chapter – 34 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

In addition to releasing his barrage of darts, Fatty launched a punch towards his adversary. By doing so, even if his projectiles missed, his punch could still make contact with the red-clad opponent.

“Such feeble tricks!” the man in red sneered, deftly swatting away the darts with his spear’s whirling motion.

No sooner had the last dart been parried, the man thrust his spear with incredible speed. Before Fatty could react, the spearhead pierced his shoulder, propelling him backward.

“You—!” Fatty tried to rise, but the spear’s point was already poised at his throat. Any sudden move would spell his demise.

“You’ve been defeated,” the man in red declared with a patronizing air.

“W-Who are you?” Fatty quivered in fear.

Never had he imagined being vanquished so swiftly and effortlessly.

“Listen closely. I am Oscar Winston, ranked eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals,” the man in red proclaimed with pride.

“Eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals?” Fatty was taken aback, realizing the source of his opponent’s formidable prowess.

Curses, what a stroke of bad luck!

“Why hesitate? Vanish!” Oscar used his spear to flip Fatty back into the lake, compelling him to swim ashore.

Ultimately, the Balerno martial arts alliance suffered a resounding defeat in the initial round.

“Sir Reeds, your contenders appear rather feeble. Could you not select stronger combatants?” a bearded man chuckled from within the Glenstead martial arts alliance’s gazebo.

This man was Conrad Melling, the leader of the Glenstead martial arts alliance. Seated next to him was Brutus Grint, the guildmaster of Zen Order.

“Perhaps it’s best not to celebrate prematurely, Sir Melling. The future is uncertain,” Ronald replied.

Though their conversation wasn’t particularly loud, their words carried across the lake.

“Indeed. Let’s maintain our watch,” Conrad laughed heartily.

“Now, who shall step forth?” Jared turned towards the remaining trio of contestants and pointed to the man in black by his side. “It’s your turn!”

“But Oscar Winston is eleventh on The Heavenly Immortals. I stand no chance against him!” the black-clad man protested.

“I don’t expect you to defeat him. Your objective is to drain his true energy. Once he’s exhausted, I can readily triumph!” Jared huffed.

“What? So, you intend to use me as a mere stepping stone?” The man in black voiced his displeasure.

“It’s the most pragmatic approach. Once I emerge victorious, you’ll receive due recognition,” Jared persuaded.

As Jared ranked lower than Oscar on The Heavenly Immortals, his odds of prevailing in a direct confrontation stood at a mere fifty percent. Hence, employing others to sap Oscar’s true energy was his best shot at winning.

“Very well. I shall battle to the last breath for our alliance’s sake!” The man in black fortified himself with determination.

A matter of honor left him with little choice.

“Remember, your goal is to stall him for as long as possible,” Jared reminded.

“Fret not, Jared. While I might not be able to conquer him, I can certainly hinder his progress. You’ll see!” The man in black leaped onto the boat and embarked towards the arena.

Three minutes later, a cry of agony pierced the air as he was ejected from the platform and plummeted into the lake.

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