Chapter – 31 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“What? Poisoned?” Everyone’s faces turned pale.

The timing of three participants falling victim to poisoning on the day of the tournament was far from coincidental.

“How could this have happened? Who’s responsible?” Ronald’s voice held a growl of anger.

“We’re still investigating, sir. We don’t have all the details yet,” the worker replied, shaking their head.

“Take me to them!” Ronald strode out urgently.

The temporary training grounds had been secured by workers who sealed off all exits to prevent anyone from leaving.

Upon arriving, Ronald and the others saw three robust men lying unconscious at the center. Their breaths were shallow, their complexions ashen. However, their lips had turned an ominous black hue.

“This venom is incredibly potent!” Ronald’s displeasure was palpable.

The trio were martial artists from The Heavenly Immortals and were pivotal to the tournament. What could be done now that they were poisoned?

“Quickly, summon someone from the Stoneray Order!” Ronald commanded.

“No need for that trouble. Dustin can handle this,” Paul intervened.

Even Nicholas hadn’t been able to treat Paul’s injuries before, but Dustin had managed to save him.

“Do you possess medical knowledge, Dustin?” Ronald was taken aback.

“A bit,” Dustin replied nonchalantly.

“Then, please assess their condition,” Ronald stepped aside.

Dustin nodded and approached the unconscious men, crouching down to examine them closely.

Soon, his expression grew somber.

“They’ve been exposed to a slow-acting poison. It’s challenging to neutralize. Symptoms remain dormant until they engage in strenuous activity. Once they do, they’ll lose consciousness, potentially leading to death,” Dustin explained.

“Can you cure them?” Ronald inquired with concern.

These three men held great significance for the tournament. Losing them was not an option.

“I can save their lives, but they’ll be debilitated for at least a week. Participating in today’s tournament seems unlikely,” Dustin shook his head.

Ronald and Paul exchanged concerned glances at this news. Evidently, whoever had poisoned them aimed to sabotage this year’s tournament.

“Please save them, Dustin,” Ronald suppressed his frustration.

“Of course.” Dustin nodded, immediately retrieving his silver needles to begin treatment.

“Who do you suspect is behind this, Sir?” Ronald mused aloud.

“Who else but those scoundrels from Glenstead!” Paul’s words dripped with anger.

“Not certain if they could win, they opted for these vile tactics. It’s utterly shameless!”

“Still, we lack concrete evidence. Our hands are tied,” Ronald sighed.

He too had a strong suspicion that the Glenstead martial arts alliance was involved. The two alliances had been at odds for a while, but he hadn’t anticipated they’d stoop to such dirty tricks.

“Perhaps we could postpone the tournament by a few days? Resume once they’ve recovered?” Patrick proposed.

“The whole world is watching this tournament. Changing the date isn’t a viable option,” Ronald shook his head.

“I suppose we’ll need to find three replacements.” Paul’s expression grew grimmer.

Chase, Andy, and Shawn were formidable martial artists from The Heavenly Immortals. With their participation, Balerno had a high chance of victory. But that balance would shift if they had to substitute participants.

“We still have time. I’ll scour for suitable replacements,” Ronald left in haste. Time was scarce, but he had to attempt it regardless.

As time sped by, noon soon arrived. The sun cast a brilliant glow, its radiance reflected off the lake’s shimmering surface.

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