Chapter – 27 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

“Azalea Larson?” Abigail was puzzled.

Abigail knew that the woman’s last name was Larson, but she was under the impression that her first name was Mandy Larson.

“Are you going to deny it? Do I need to rip off your mask?” Dustin questioned sternly.

“Your observation skills are quite impressive. I put a lot of effort into my disguise, but it seems it wasn’t enough to fool you,” Azalea giggled playfully.

“Is your real name Azalea?” Abigail frowned, feeling a bit duped.

“I am Azalea, but I’m also Mandy. I never actually lied to you,” Azalea explained with a smile.

“What’s your purpose for being here?” Dustin demanded, maintaining a cautious stance around this enigmatic woman.

His guard was always up whenever he was in proximity to Azalea, considering her history of committing the heinous act of murdering their mentor and presenting his head to the Harmon family.

“Well, aren’t we comrades by now? Couldn’t you show a bit more warmth?” Azalea moved around Dustin with a flirtatious air, like a snake sizing up its prey.

“Our relationship is purely business, if you can even call it that. It’s certainly not friendship,” Dustin retorted nonchalantly.

“That’s a bit disappointing. I should have known that men are all the same—deceptive!” Azalea pouted in mock disappointment.

“Uh, excuse me, I’m still here. Could you dial down the flirting a bit?” Abigail interjected, raising an eyebrow at their interaction.

“Abigail, why don’t you go and practice your training? I need to discuss something with Azalea,” Dustin suggested, redirecting her attention.

“Alright then, I’ll leave you two alone.” Abigail stuck out her tongue playfully and headed toward the training area to work on her staff combat technique.

Ugh, the scent of romance!

“Spill it. What’s your agenda?” Dustin pressed once again.

“Nothing much. I’m here to look out for Abigail,” Azalea responded with a smile.

“She’s the future Grand Sorceress of the Mystic Arts Order, and she’ll need protection. I believe I’m well-suited for the task.”

“What?” Dustin’s brow furrowed. “How do you know that?”

As far as he knew, he was the sole recipient of this secret from Michael. Even Abigail was unaware of this. How did Azalea possess this information?

“The Dark Lord used to be a part of the Mystic Arts Order. He happened to share this tidbit with me,” Azalea said with a smirk.

“Abigail isn’t ready for that, and her father would never allow her to join the Mystic Arts Order,” Dustin stated matter-of-factly.

The Mystic Arts Order was notorious for its malevolence, and its members were just as ruthless.

Abigail’s inherently kind nature would make her an easy target within the Order’s web of intrigue.

“Never say never. As long as the blood of the Grand Sorceress flows within her, the organization will eventually come for her,” Azalea reminded him.

“I can’t predict the future, but for now, Abigail is under my tutelage. I’ll protect her with my life as long as I’m breathing. Don’t you dare try anything questionable!” Dustin cautioned.

“Don’t worry. My future hinges on her, so I’ll do everything in my power to protect her,” Azalea assured with a smile.

Given that Abigail was the granddaughter of the Mystic Arts Order’s leader, Azalea had a vested interest in getting close to her.

If Abigail ascended to the position of Grand Sorceress, Azalea could ride her coattails to power and become stronger than anyone else.

“Keep your word,” Dustin stated firmly, his gaze locked onto Azalea. Once he was reasonably certain she wasn’t deceiving him, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“I can’t defeat you anyway, so you could always kill me if I act out of line. But I’m curious if you have it in you,” Azalea smirked playfully, placing her palm on Dustin’s chest and dragging it downward.

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