Chapter – 21 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

The shattering of the crystal ball left the entire audience in a state of shock. Grins were replaced by expressions of disbelief and dismay.

The prevailing assumption had been that Desmond would emerge victorious, given that he had managed to turn the crystal ball gold. No one had anticipated that, beyond the gold stage, it could be transformed into red.

What stunned them even more was that Dustin had channeled an excess of internal energy after turning the ball red, causing it to explode.

The question that hung heavily in the air was: just how much internal energy did he possess to achieve such a feat?

The onlookers were rendered speechless.

Even Desmond, who had been brimming with confidence, was shaken. He hadn’t foreseen his once-prized internal energy to pale so significantly in comparison to Dustin’s.

“Is this what you call cheating?” Dustin taunted, his smile laden with mockery.

“Uh…” The crowd was rendered mute.

They were far from blind. They had all witnessed how effortlessly Dustin had conquered all three trials.

Excelling in one category could be chalked up to luck, but Dustin’s exceptional performance across all three tests could only point to one thing: he was immensely powerful.

In fact, he outclassed them all by a significant margin. There was no choice left but to yield to him.

“So much for Boulderthorn’s vaunted prowess. They’re adept at boasting, but look at how spectacularly they’ve faltered!” Georgia chimed in, turning the taunts they had faced earlier right back at them.

“You—” Gianna was fuming but had no retort. Reluctantly, she had to concede that they had suffered a resounding defeat across the past three tests.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself. This isn’t over!” Desmond spat out.

“Still not over? Really?” Georgia quirked an eyebrow, clearly amused.

“The fourth test is a test of endurance under pressure. It assesses how well one can withstand intense pressure. The outcome of this round will determine the winner!” Desmond retorted defiantly.

“Are you not tired of humiliating yourself?” Georgia smirked.

“Enough with the talk! Do you have the guts to accept my challenge?” Desmond yelled.

Rather than answering, Georgia turned to Dustin, the one who needed to make the decision. She could only help him reply to the barrage of insults.

“Why wouldn’t I? I’ll face you fair and square,” Dustin responded calmly.

“Very well. Then follow me!” Desmond exclaimed, leading the group to the location of the fourth test.

The setting resembled a confined area akin to an escalator, but a window at the front allowed others to observe the goings-on inside.

Upon entering the enclosed space, participants were met with downward pressure, requiring them to create a defense against it.

“Desmond, this guy seems quite formidable. Do you think we can win?” Gianna whispered, her confidence shattered after their losses in the previous three tests.

“She’s got a point. Why not surrender now? We’re only setting ourselves up for more embarrassment if we fail again,” Devon seconded Gianna, still smarting from the humiliation brought on by Dustin’s earlier performance.

“Why are you all so afraid? There must be some weakness this guy has.”

I’m the Boss

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