Chapter – 14 I’m the Boss

I’m the Boss

After a short silence, the room erupted in cheers.

Everyone looked at the numbers displayed on the screen with wide eyes. They were in disbelief.

Dustin’s ten thousand pound record was already terrifying. He could get promoted to the next. level with that.

Who would’ve thought that another more frightening monster would show up?

Fourteen thousand pounds completely replaced the previous record!

It was simply horrifying!

“Hahaha. Devon is just impressive!” Gianna burst out laughing and jumped around in joy.

“That’s God-given talent!” The other disciples were also overjoyed. They could also share some of this glory thanks to Devon’s achievement.

“You’re insane! You broke the record with just one punch!” The martial arts alliance staff’s wide eyes were filled with admiration.

“Hmph, that was nothing. I was just warming up. Now I’m getting serious!” Devon clenched his fists, stretching his neck from side to side. Then, he gestured for the crowd to make way for him. He exhaled. Then, he pulled his fist back before launching it directly on the target.

There was a loud thud. The machine trembled. At the same time, the red numbers on the screen began to surge again.

Finally, it stopped at 15464!

Over 15 thousand pounds!

“Fuck, he broke the record again! It shot up another one thousand pounds!”

“Fifteen thousand pounds with just one punch. Who can even top that?”

“They’re both human, so how can the gap be so wide?”

Devon’s second punch shocked everyone once more

He’d broken his own record. No one else could’ve done that.

“Well, punk, do you admit defeat?” Devon turned to look at Dustin with a scornful smile.

What was ten thousand pounds? He’d managed to reach 15 thousand pounds!

“Hey, you. Now you know how awesome Devon is, don’t you? He broke the record with just a casual punch. What about you?” Gianna taunted arrogantly

“Hey, say something! Why are you staying silent? Don’t back down now! If you have the guts, try again!”

“Punk, if you don’t have what it takes, tuck your tail between your legs and walk away. Next time you see me, turn the other way, got it?!” Devon said gloatingly. He was confident that he had defeated Dustin.

Dustin didn’t reply to their taunts. He walked over to the strength tester machine and raised his fist again.

“Hey, it seems like you haven’t given up. Do you want to go again? Do you think you can break my record? How funny!” Devon said with a disdainful expression.

“Everyone, look! This stupid fool is going to embarrass himself!” Gianna laughed mockingly.

“Heh, he’s just asking to be humiliated!” The other disciples chuckled along.

The martial artists in the area also shook their heads, looking at Dustin like a fool.

Can anyone even top the record of 15 thousand pounds in strength?

Under everyone’s watchful gaze, Dustin raised his fist and threw a forceful punch toward the target.

There was a loud noise. The strength tester machine, made of solid metal, was punched over 30 feet away. It swayed as though there was an earthquake.

Even the reinforced concrete base beneath it was yanked straight from the ground, leaving a deep crater in its original spot.

The machine wreaked destruction along its path, breaking many pieces of equipment along the way. Finally, it hit a thick wall at the back and stopped.

The red number on the display screen was increasing rapidly.

It went from ten thousand to 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand… 80, 90, and finally, it stopped at 100 thousand

When it hit the limit of 100 thousand, the numbers were still blinking like crazy. Finally, there was a “boom”, and the screen exploded.

Sparks flew, and black smoke filled the air.

In an instant, the entire room fell deathly silent.

I’m the Boss

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