186 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 186

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 186

“That fellow really dared to come? He really doesn’t treasure his life!”

“Your bravery is commendable. But showing up here is a foolish move!”

The crowd erupted into an uproar, with a variety of expressions on their faces.

“Dustin Rhys is it?!” A guard from the Horst family took a step forward, his voice booming with authority.

“That’s me.” Dustin replied, unfazed.

“So, you’re the one who killed my son, Xavier?” Gabriel’s fierce gaze remained fixed on Dustin, his expression. stern and unyielding.

“Yes.” Dustin nodded once again.

“Kneel down!” Gabriel roared.

“Kneel? You’re not worthy of such respect.” Dustin retorted.

Dustin added, “Horst, I’ll give you a chance. Hand over the people who trespassed at Peaceful Medical Center and apologize to Gregory. Then, I’ll spare your life.”

The crowd went wild at his statement.

“Holy shit! Is he out of his mind? He’s still acting so brazen even when his life is at stake?”

“Having killed Xavier, he dares to demand an apology from Sir Gabriel! He’s wild!”

“Those who are ignorant are the ones who are fearless. This guy has no idea who he just crossed.”

The crowd murmured as they pointed at Dustin.

“Punk! Do you know what you’re saying? You are the one who is trapped now! If you don’t want to suffer a painful death, hand over the Gozoraberry and beg for forgiveness on your knees. Otherwise, you will be erased from this world!” Gabriel’s face darkened, and his voice became cold and ominous.

“I may not have the Gozoraberry, but I still have my life. If you think you’re capable of taking it, then come and get it. Dustin motioned with his finger.

“Great! How absolutely fantastic! Since you don’t value your life, then don’t blame me for what happens next! Guards! Cut off this insolent punk’s limbs! I want his head on a stick as revenge!”

Soon after his orders, a few guards rushed towards him, trying to get a head start.


With a loud stomp of his foot, the ground beneath Dustin shattered, sending debris flying across the room in all directions.

As the debris flew across the room, some of it moved with such force that it struck the guards like bullets, causing them to stumble and fall to the ground.

Within a matter of seconds, a few of the guards had fallen to the ground, groaning in pain as they clutched their wounds.

“Go! All of you!” Gabriel thundered, his voice filled with anger and frustration.

“Kill him!”

At Gabriel’s command, a large number of guards charged toward Dustin, their weapons raised and their faces filled with fury.

The guards surrounded Dustin like a tidal wave.

“Hmph! This punk is dead meat! The members of Horst dojo are all elites. He won’t be able to fend them off no matter how skilled he is!” Nigel laughed.

“I can’t wait to see him defeated.” The girl in yellow laughed along with him.

“He’s not even running after being surrounded by that many guards. Does he plan to fight all of them alone? Hahaha! Does he think he’s Superman?”

The group of people laughed as they mocked Dustin, waiting for a good show.

Yet, in a few moments, their smiles were frozen in place. As the fight began, the match took a completely different turn from what they had expected.

Dustin was unstoppable and invincible!

One, two, three-

Ten, twenty, thirty…

In just two minutes, more than half of the guards from the Horst family had fallen. Till that moment, no one could match Dustin’s level of combat.

The whole scene was a massacre!

Dustin alone was slaughtering the bunch of them.

“H–he’s on another level!”

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