Questions based on preposition for SSC, bank exams

Questions based on preposition for SSC, bank exams

1) They were left with (1)/ no alternatives but to acquiesce with (2)/  his unfair demand (3) / no error 

2) I arrived (1)/ at the coaching (2)/ in good time(3)/ no error

3) Passengers should(1)/  be in time (2)/ for their train (3)/ no error

4) Everyone complains against (1)/ callous treatment (2)/  of the police (3)/ no error

5) Meera is very (1)/ popular among her (2)/ friends and relatives (3)/ no error

6) On diwali I will (1)/ order for a new (2)/ pair of spectacles (3)/ no error

7) The accused was (1)/ bound by a chain (2)/  and taken to prison (3)/ no error

8) My mom assured me (1)/ to present me a new smartphone (2)/ on my next birthday (3)/ no error

9) In a democratic society no one (1)/  should be discriminated because (2)/ of caste ,creed and race(3)/ no error

10) A summons (1)/ was (2)/  served to him last week (3)/ no error

11) The news of the (1)/  chief minister’s death (2)/ spread in all over the country (3)/ no error

12) She was admitted in the (1)/ hospital when she (2)/ met with an accident (3)/ no error

13) This is the dress(1)/  for that I (2)/ have been looking (3)/ no error

14) It was I who am (1)/ responsible of making (2)/ all the arrangements for the party (3)/ no error

15) The songs of (1) this movie are (2) worth listening to (3)/ no error

16) They gorge (1)/ themselves in (2)/ chocolates and pastries (3) / no error

17) The students were not amenable for (1) / the new ideas which were (2)/ suggested by the teacher(3) /no error

18) Her antipathy on her sister (1) /was obvious to (2)/ everyone in the family (3) / no error

19)   A balanced diet has a (1) / direct bearing on  (2) / fitness and good health (3) / no error

20) Shahrukh Khan has decided (1)/ to enter upon expansion programme (2)/  of his production house (3) /no error

21) She acted in (1)/ conformity to the (2)/ rules of the NGO (3)/ no error 

22) Charge of murder (1)/ was framed (2)/ against his brother (3)/ no error 

23) The police cordoned the (1)/ area to ensure safety (2)/  of the senior citizens (3)/ no error 

24) Sonakshi seems greatly (1)/ irritated with my (2)/ refusal to bend to her will (3)/ no error 

25) One should not intrude in (1)/ the personal space of (2)/ one’s partner (3)/ no error 

26)The militants were(1)/overwhelmed with (2)/ our army (3)/ no error 

27) She has been neglectful in (1)/ her business (2)/ throughout the year (3)/ no error 

28) She is liable to imprisonment (1)/ and fine as (2)/ per the revised traffic rules (3)/ no error 

29) There is a (1)/ likeness to (2)/ Ravina and twinkle (3)/ no error 

30) I parted with my (1)/  best friend when I came to (2)/  know about his freaky nature (3)/ no error


1)’ Acquiesce in ‘

It means ‘to accept passively’ .

KIM( Keep in mind) – ‘in’ is used with acquiesce.

2) The sentence is absolutely correct.
In good time – with comfortable margin.

3) The sentence is absolutely correct.
‘In time’ means ‘not late’
On time – at the time arranged, neither before nor after.

4) ‘complains of’ is the correct usage
The word ‘Complain’ is always targeted at something or someone. It is also a ‘negative impact’ verb. There is no need to double negate it with a word like ‘against’.

5) ‘popular with ‘ is the correct usage here

Note – ‘Popular with’ is usually used for people, e.g. “Popular with the girls”, “Popular with the working class…”

“Popular among” is usually used with ideas among people, eg.
The new policy is not going to be popular among the members of the party. (Correct)

6) omit ‘for’ 

7) ‘bound with’ is the correct usage.

8) present me with a new smartphone

Tip – If indirect object is used just after the verbs ( present, provide, entrust, supply) , suitable preposition is used before the direct object.

For example

He provided me money. (wrong)
He provided me with money. (Correct)
Indirect object – me, direct object – money
He provided money to me. (Correct)

9) discriminated against

10) ‘served on ‘ is the right usage
To Serve something on someone. 

Note – ‘Summon’ is a verb while ‘summons’ is a noun. Plural is summonses. 

11) remove ‘in’

12) ‘admitted to ‘
Preposition ‘to’ is used after ‘admit’.

13)The correct sentence is
This is the dress that I have been looking for. (Correct)

Note – A preposition is usually placed before its object but when the object of the preposition is a relative pronoun ‘that’  it is placed after it.

For example
This is the restaurant of that she always talks. (wrong)
This is the restaurant that she always talks of. (Correct)

14) Responsible for

15) Remove to

16) ‘Gorge on ‘ is the right usage. 

Gorge means to eat greedily in large quantities. It takes preposition ‘on’.

17) ‘amenable to’ is the correct usage here. 
It means to be willing to…

18) ‘antipathy against’ is the correct usage here.
It means averse to a person/thing

Note – In informal language to / towards/ for etc may be used with antipathy, but when it comes to competitive exam,  we have to  follow the following rule :
Antipathy (to) for a thing. 
Antipathy (against) for a person.

19) The sentence is absolutely correct. 
Bearing on – relation to. 
Your speech has no bearing on the subject we are discussing.

20) The sentence is absolutely correct. 

Enter on/upon – undertake 
The Prime Minister of India has entered upon another term of office

21) The sentence is absolutely correct. 
Conformity to – in accordance with( the established rules) . 
Example – I did that in conformity to the traditions of my society. (Correct)
Conformity with – in accordance with (views) 
Example – She acted in conformity with the opinion of the majority. (Correct)

22) The sentence is absolutely correct. 
Charge of (noun) 
Example – Charge of murder was framed against her. (Correct)
Charge with (verb) 
Example – She was charged with the murder of her best friend. (Correct)

23) The error is in (1).
It should be ‘cordoned off’ which means to protect, to prevent people from getting into an area. (Correct)

24)The error is in (2).
At in place of with. 
Irritate at (thing), irritate with (for a person). 

25) ‘on’ in place of ‘in’ 

26) Overwhelmed by 
Overwhelmed with (feelings) – She was overwhelmed with the love for her daughter. (Correct)
Overwhelmed by – defeated by

27) ‘of’ in place of ‘in’

28) The sentence is absolutely correct. 
Liable for – responsible for
I hold you liable for the demise of your father. (Correct)
Liable to – deserve

29) ‘Between’ in place of ‘to’ 

Likeness between – similarity

30) ‘From’ in place of ‘with’ 
Part from someone – I parted from my friend in chennai. (Correct)
Part with something – A miserly person can’t be parted with a single penny. (Correct)

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