ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION asked in (Stenographer, 2010), (LDC, 2010), (Stenographer, 2011), (MT(NT), 2011).

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION asked in (Stenographer, 2010), (LDC, 2010), (Stenographer, 2011), (MT(NT), 2011)

(Stenographer, 2010)

A body of persons appointed to hear evidence and give their verdicts in trialsJury
A situation that stops activity from progressingBottleneck
A person who dishonestly pretends to be somebody elseImposter
A violent stormTempest
Careful or thorough enquiryInvestigation

(LDC, 2010)

Failing to discharge one’s duty (willfully)Dereliction
A legal agreement by which a person borrows money from a bank usually to buy a houseMortgage
A movement of part of the body to express an idea or feelingGesture
A child born after the death of his fatherPosthumous child
A person who is physically dependent on a substanceAddict
A cure for all diseasePanacea
A raised platform in buildingWalkway
A system of naming thingsNomenclature
One who hates womenMisogynist
Able to use right hand and left hand equally wellAmbidextrous
Capable of being interpreted in two waysAmbiguous
One who has narrow and prejudiced religious viewsFanatic
The action of looking within or into one’s own mindIntrospect
To confirm with the help of evidenceImplicate
A person who loves mankindPhilanthropist

(Stenographer, 2011)

Full of criticism or mockerySatire
An agreement between two countries or groups to stop fightingCeasefire
Excessively enthusiastic and unreasonably excited about somethingFanatical
Intense and unreasonable fear or dislikePhobia
To be dogmatic in one’s opinionOpinionated
High sea waves caused by underwater earthquakeTsunami
A voice that cannot be heardInaudible
The absence of law and orderAnarchy
One who intervenes between two or more parties to settle differencesIntermediary
To give one’s authority to anotherDelegate

(MT(NT), 2011)

Body of singersChoir
A thing likely to be easily brokenBrittle
An animal story with moralFable
The study of ancient civilizationArchaeology
A disease which is spread by direct contactContagious

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