This is the part 2 of ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION asked in (SO(Audit), 2008), (TA (IT & CE, 2008), (TA (IT & CE, 2009), (CGL T-1,2010).

ONE WORD SUBSTITUTION asked in (SO(Audit), 2008), (TA (IT & CE, 2008), (TA (IT & CE, 2009), (CGL T-1,2010).

(SO(Audit), 2008)

A person who never takes alcoholic drinksTeetotaller
A tank where fish or water plants are keptAquarium
A person devoted to sensual enjoyment, especially that derived from fine food and drinkEpicurean
Inability to sleepInsomnia
One who believes in giving equal opportunity to women in all fieldsFeminist
To have a very high opinion about oneselfConceited
Place of burial (especially not in churchyard)Cemetery
A person who is always hopeful and looks upon the brighter side of thingsOptimist
An occasion of great importanceMomentous
Government by ruler who has unlimited powerAutocracy

(TA (IT & CE, 2008)

One who journeys from place to placeItinerant
That which cannot be called backIrrevocable
The state of being miserable bereft (deprived of or lacking) of all possessionsDestitute
A picture of a person or a thing drawn in such a highly exaggerated manner to cause a laughterCaricature
Belief that God is in everything and that everything is GodPantheism

(TA (IT & CE, 2009)

One who breaks the lawTransgressor
That which cannot be capturedUngraspable
Reproducing or memorizing word for wordVerbatim
Careful in spending of money, time, etc.Economical
Study of insectsEntomology

(CGL T-1,2010)

Science of the race of mankindEthnology
Detaining and confining somethingInternment
One who criticizes popular beliefs which he thinks is mistaken or unwiseIconoclast
Impossible to describeIneffable
An underhand device resorted to in order to justify misconductManoeuvre
The animals of a particular regionFauna
An emolument over and above fixed salaryPerquisite
An unexpected piece of good fortuneWindfall
Clues available at the sceneCircumstantial
One hides away in a ship or passenger vehicle to obtain a free passageStowaway


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