International borders / Boundary lines

International borders / Boundary lines

Borders/Boundary LinesBetween two Countries
Durand LineAfghanistan & Pakistan
Hindenburg LineGermany & Poland.
Mason-dixon LineLine of demarcation between four states in the United States.
Mannerheim LineRussia-Finland border.
Macmahon LineIndia & China
Medicine LineCanada & the United States
Order-neisse LinePoland & Germany
Radcliffe LineIndia & Pakistan.
Siegfried LineGermany on its border with France.
17th ParallelNorth Vietnam & South Vietnam
26th Parallel southAfrica, Australia & South America
30th PARALLELEquator & the North Pole
38th ParallelSeparates North Korea & South Korea.
42nd Parallel northNew York – Pennsylania Border.
49th ParallelUSA & Canada

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