I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike – Chapter – 9

Chapter 9

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

by Seafarer’s Strike

“His wife?” Eric looked puzzled.
“Yes.” Brook said. “David’s wife henpecks him because she owns half of the company. His wife will be livid if she finds out David is messing around with his employee’s girlfriend. All you need is evidence of his debauchery.”

“Thanks for the tip-off,” said Eric. “Why are you helping me, though?” he asked.

Brook smiled and said, “Why? I’m just simply a kind-hearted person.”

“Thank you! I need to attend to an urgent matter now. I owe you a meal.”

Eric hailed a taxi and left.

Brook slapped his forehead as he said inwardly, ‘Why am I helping him if he’s cheating on Sylvia? But Sylvia is very protective of her people. If she finds out her husband is in trouble and I didn’t help him out, she will turn on me as well! Sigh.’

Brook was in a dilemma. He was thinking if he should inform Sylvester that Eric had cheated on Sylvia. He quickly dismissed the thought after realizing the dreaded aftermath it would ensue. The situation would not be in favor of him if either of his siblings found out about Eric’s infidelity. As such, he might as well keep it a secret for now.

Back in David’s office, Jasmine was sitting on David’s lap.

“Who was that guy, babe?”

“That’s Brook. He’s a bigshot on the streets of Salt City. The whole city will tremble if he’s pissed off. That’s how influential he is,” said David.

“Really!?” Jasmine was genuinely shocked.

David glanced at Jasmine and said, “Don’t even think of seducing him. He’s in a different league. Your ex-boyfriend punched me in the face today, so you better compensate me properly.” David groped Jasmine as he spoke.

“Oh, babe!” Jasmine leaned onto David. “Have I ever left you unsatisfied?”

David felt a boner upon hearing her sweet and tender voice.

“Hold on. I’ll come back for you after I whoop Eric’s *ss.”

He realized Eric had left as he was nowhere to be seen in the company.

David returned to his office, narrowed his eyes, and muttered, “I won’t let you off easily, Eric.”

Jasmine sat on David’s lap and asked, “Babe, what are you going to do with him?”

“Hmph! That’s easy. With his father being hospitalized, I’ll use my connections to make things difficult for him. However… I’ll deal with you first!”

Blake was transferred to the general ward after his condition was stabilized in the hospital.

“Eric, you should get back to work. I’ll be staying in the hospital with your father, so don’t worry.” Mrs. Johnson was worried about Eric, who was in debt.

“Mom, I’ve applied for a few days of leave from the company to take care of Dad,” said Eric.

He no longer wanted to stay in the company and would settle the animosity he had with David when the latter confronted him. Eric had made contact with Andy to plot against David. His colleague was more excited to get hold of David’s incriminating evidence. He also had been fed up with David for a long time.

“Aren’t they going to deduct your salary?” asked Mrs. Johnson.

Eric shook his head. “Mom, it’s a paid leave.”

Mrs. Johnson felt relieved. “Your boss is a good man. Your father’s company would have deducted his salary in this case.”

Eric smiled bitterly.

Blake might have regained consciousness, but he needed someone to take care of him. Elly could not handle the task with two children in need of her care. Mrs. Johnson was getting older and had health issues, so Eric decided to take this opportunity to ease her burden of taking care of Blake.

Eric did not expect David would show up so soon. The b*stard had shown up with Jasmine wrapped around his arm.

“I thought you escaped.” David sneered at Eric.

“David! Please leave my family alone,” Eric said monotonously.

“It’s too late, Eric. I’ll teach you a lesson not to mess with me!” The corner of his mouth twitched.

“What do you want from me?!” Eric said through his gritted teeth. He knew David would never let him off easily.

“Eric, who is he?” Mrs. Johnson felt a tense atmosphere when David showed up.

David smiled and said, “Mrs. Johnson, did Eric not mention me before? I’m his boss.” He pointed at his cheek. “Look at what your son did. Did you not teach him it’s inappropriate to hit someone?”

“Eric!” Mrs. Johnson looked at Eric.

She was unaware that the woman holding David’s arm was Eric’s ex-girlfriend, Jasmine. All she could think of was that Eric was in trouble for hitting his boss. How would Eric pay off his debt for his rash actions if he lost his job?

“Mrs. Johnson, please don’t blame Eric. As a magnanimous person, I’ve forgiven him,” David said pretentiously.

“Thank you, Mr. David.” Mrs. Johnson pulled Eric’s sleeve and said, “Eric, quickly thank your boss!”

Eric remained indifferent. He knew something was amiss and was right about it.

A doctor entered the ward and nodded at David before asking, “Blake Johnson’s family?”

Eric replied, “Yes, doc?”

The doctor adjusted his glasses and took out a stack of bills.

“It’s time to clear the outstanding bills. You’ll have to pay at least $7,000, or else we’ll have to stop his medication in the afternoon.”

Eric’s heart sank to the bottom. He never expected the doctor to bring up money as an issue. He only had a few hundred bucks, which were set aside for Mrs. Johnson’s medical expenses, let alone $7,000.

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike

Status: Ongoing

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Native Language: English

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