I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike – Chapter – 23

Chapter 23

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup

by Seafarer’s Strike

Andy give Erric a thumbs-up when he showed up unharmed. “Eric, you’re the man! I see that lady seems interested in you. Why don’t you win her over? It will save you decades of struggling at the bottom level, and you will have someone to back you up!” ;

Eric rolled his‘eyes, “Be my guest if you’re up for it.”

Andy smiled sheepishly. “Unfortunately, she’s not into me!”

With a relieved-smile, Eric departed, feeling the burden on his shoulders lift now that David had been dealt with. With Mrs. Westman’s stern warning and the divorce process underway, Eric anticipated that David would be preoccupied and unlikely to trouble him in the immediate future.

When Eric stepped outside the company, he noticed Mrs. Westman evidently waiting for him.

Mrs. Westman approached Eric, saying, ” Infidelity and betrayal are the worst. I’ve dealt with many unfaithful men in my life, but David is my husband, so I’ll give him a chance. Give me a call if David finds trouble with you.”

“Thank you; Big Sis,” replied Eric .

Eric knew Mrs. Westman was a decisive and formidable woman after witnessing how’she handled David.

Eric broke into a cold sweat after Mrs. Westman left. He would be in trouble if Mrs. Westman showed interest in him.

At the hospital.

Blake was having his meal, now able to consume liquid food. As Eric approached, Blake attempted to speak but struggled due to a blood clot in his brain that had affected his speech:

Nonetheless, his recovery was progressing rapidly, and the doctors remained optimistic that his speech capability would eventually return.

Mrs. Johnson, although not as distraught as when Blake had first had the accident, felt grateful that he had survived.

“Did Craig visit?” asked Eric.

Meanwhile, he sliced an apple and placed it on the table.

Mrs. Johnson shook her head. “Nope. He must be busy With work. Tomorrow’s the weekend. Maybe he will show up.”

Eric sighed inwardly. Craig would have shown up by now if he genuinely cared for their family.

Shortly after, Elly arrived at the hospital, her eyes red and puffy.

Eric and Mrs. Johnson could tell that Elly and Craig must have fought the night before.

Blake fell asleep around noon, so Mrs. Johnson took the opportunity to rest. She could only find peace if either Eric or Elly was present. As such, Mrs. Johnson would feel restless and find it difficult to sleep during the night.

“Eric, come over for a while,” Elly called out for Eric outside the hallway.

“What’s wrong, Elly?” asked Eric. Elly pressed her lips. “Craig and I… We might get a divorce soon.”

“Elly, are you serious? What are you going to do about Max and Cody if you and Craig get divorced?” Eric thought Elly was acting out of impulse.

After graduating from university, Eric had stayed with Elly for a month before getting his place after receiving his first salary. He remembered Elly and Craig had a good relationship back then.

Elly shook her head and said, “I don’t know. My mind’s a mess right now.”

What happened? Why are you considering getting a divorce?” asked Eric.

I Married a Beautiful Boss After the Breakup By Seafarer’s Strike

Status: Ongoing

Author: Seafarer’s Strike

Native Language: English

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