Foreign Travelers who came to India in Medieval Period

Foreign Travelers who came to India in Medieval Period

PeriodForeign TravellersUnder whose reign
1288-1292Marco Polo from Italy Rudramma Devi of the Kakatiyas. Pandya Kingdom
1333-1342Ibn-e-Batuta from Morocco
Rihla is a book written by Ibn Batuta.  
Mohd. Tughlaq
1420-1422Nicoloi Conti from ItalyDev Ray I of Vijay Nagar  
1421-1431Tsang Hi from ChinaJalaluddin of Bengal
1442-1443Abdur Razzak-Ambassador from Iran
He was also an ambassador of Persia.  
Dev Ray II of Vijay Nagar  
1470-1474Athnasius Niketin from RussiaMohammad III Bahmani
1503-1508Bartholomw Diaz-Italian boat manDeccan
1516-1518Eduardo Barbosa-PortugueseKrishna Dev Ray Vijay Nagar  
1520-1522Domingos Paes-PortugueseKrishna Dev Ray Vijay Nagar  
1535-1537Nuniz-Portuguese Merchant of HorseAchyut Dev Ray Vijay Nagar  
1578-1582Anthony Monserrate Portuguese PriestAkbar
1585-1591Ralph Fisch (First English traveller)Akbar
16th CenturyCeaser Fredriseh (Portuguese traveler)Vijay Nagar
16th CenturyJohn Linscoten (Dutch)Vijay Nagar
16th CenturyLama Taranath (Tibetian Bauddha)Eastern India
1608-1613Captain Hawkins (English traveller)
Captain William Hawkins led the first expedition of the English East India Company to India in 1609.
He carried a personal letter from King James I of England.
He did not succeed in getting Jahangir’s permission to start a factory.
1608-1612William Fisch (English traveller)Jahangir
1608-1617John Jurdan (Portuguese)Jahangir
1608-1615Nicholos Doughton (English Navy Officer)Jahangir
1612-1616Nicholos Withurgton (English traveller)Jahangir
1612-1617Thomas Coryat (English traveller)Jahangir
1615-1619Sir Thomas Roe (English Ambassador)
He came to seek protection for an English factory at Surat.
His “Journal of the Mission to the Mughal Empire” is a treasured contribution to the history of India.  
1615-1625Pal Canning (English traveller)Jahangir
1616-1619Edward Terry (English Priest)Jahangir
1620-1627Fransisco Paelsert (Dutch)Jahangir
1622-1660Pietra Della Velle (Italy)Jahangir
1626-1633John Loyatt (Dutch)Shahjahan
1627-1681John Fryer (English)Shahjahan
1630-1634Peter Mundy (Italy)Shahjahan
1641-1687Tavernier (French Jeweller)Shahjahan & Aurangzeb
1656-1687Manucci (Italy)Aurangzeb
1658-1668Francois Bernier (Franch Doctor)
He was physician to Prince Dara Shikoh and later was attached to the court of Aurangzeb
‘Travels in the Mughal Empire’ was written by Francois Bernier.  
1666-1668Jean Thevnot (French)Aurangzeb
1695-1697Gammilly Careri (Italy)Bijapur

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