Chapter 1101

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“If I don’t return, you’ll be in danger,” Dustin cautioned.

With a flick of his finger, another silver needle shot out.

Caden, who had been struggling moments ago, was now completely immobilized, unable to move a muscle.

“Dear brother, you have medical skills, don’t you? Please help my husband,” Lily implored.

“I’m sorry, I’m not as knowledgeable as Mr. Yamada. It would be best to seek treatment from him,” Dustin replied calmly.

“Mr. Yamada?”

Lily glanced at the lifeless body in the corner, her expression twitching with embarrassment.

If Michio Yamada could truly cure this, he wouldn’t have lost his life.

“Dear brother, it was my fault before. I’m genuinely sorry. I hope you won’t take it to heart,” Lily offered a sincere apology.

She knew Chase Chase was capable, but compared to Michio Yamada, his reputation fell short.

Initially, she had made an ill-judged decision.

Now that Michio Yamada was gone, Dustin was their only hope.

“Garrett, my dad has lost his senses. Please save him,” Sheila pleaded, her eyes filled with desperation.

“For your sake, I’ll take action again,” Dustin nodded slightly.

He owed old General Murong a favour, so he couldn’t refuse to help.

“Thank you, Dustin!” Sheila’s relief was palpable.

“Vivian, you don’t seriously believe Dustin can cure you, do you? Even Mr. Yamada was helpless, so why would he be able to do it?” Garrett interjected, unable to hold back any longer.

“Quite right! If we let this fellow attempt a cure, who knows what might happen,” Chase Johnson added, his trust in Dustin wavering.

“I’m worried that if this chap treats Caden improperly, who will be held accountable?” Chase chimed in.

“It’s already reached this point; it can’t get much worse,” Lily shook her head.

Her husband had lost his senses, and if he wasn’t treated promptly, his life could be in jeopardy.

“Vivian, you can’t think like that. Safety comes first. We can’t risk Caden’s life,” Garrett implored earnestly.

“Yes, Lily, even the miracle workers from the Golden Crow Kingdom couldn’t do anything. What can these subpar doctors from the Dragon Kingdom accomplish? Don’t be deceived!” Vivian advised with sincerity.

“Having said all that, do any of you have a better idea?” Lily inquired, her brow furrowed.

“Er…,” as soon as those words left her mouth, several people fell into an awkward silence.

They were just talking; how could they provide a better solution?

“Since you can’t offer any help, kindly be silent and don’t disrupt Dustin’s treatment!”

Lily’s tone turned sharp, her dissatisfaction evident.

She knew full well that these individuals were merely looking down on Dustin and deliberately causing trouble.

It didn’t matter before, but now a life hung in the balance, and she would not tolerate anyone sowing discord here.

“Dustin, please.”

Seeing the others fall silent, Lily gestured for Dustin to proceed.

“Before I begin treatment, I’ll need everyone else to leave so as not to disturb my concentration.”

As Dustin spoke, he turned his gaze towards Vivian and the rest. “Don’t linger; that’s right, all of you, out.”

“What? You want us to leave?”

After a moment of surprise, Vivian’s anger flared up. “Who do you think you are? Why are you making demands here? You really have some nerve!”

How could a mere insurance agent have the audacity to shout at her?

“What Dustin means is what I mean. Do any of you object?” Lily’s expression remained icy.


Vivian’s face froze, her confusion apparent.

This turn of events was not what she had anticipated.

“Alright, let’s step outside. I’d like to see what miracles he can work!”

Garrett huffed, finally turning to leave and thus saving face for Lily.

“Dustin! You’d better be able to treat this ailment, or you’ll bear the consequences!”

With those stern words, Vivian, Chase Johnson, and the others swiftly exited the ward.

Yet, given their stature, they felt indignant at being ushered out by an insurance seller.

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