Chapter 1100

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Seeing Michio Yamada’s sudden death, everyone was stunned.

Everyone’s eyes widened with horror on their faces.

No one expected that Caden would suddenly go crazy and kill Michio Yamada instantly without any warning.

Kill with one blow!

how so?

Aren’t you talking about a small problem?

Isn’t that a normal phenomenon?

Isn’t it said that one shot can determine the outcome?

What’s going on with this horse riding? ?


Caden roared, grabbed Yamada Michio’s body and swung it suddenly.


Yamada Michio hit the wall hard, creating a crater, and then his body slowly slid down like a puddle of mud.

“Mr. Yamada!”

Everyone woke up from a dream, terrified.

Especially Vivian and Chase Johnson, their faces were full of sadness and heartache, as if their parents were dead.

“Quick! Hold down Uncle Er!”

Murong Gaochao reacted quickly and quickly ordered his people to surround him, preparing to capture Caden alive.

However, Caden went crazy, disowned all his relatives, and became extremely irritable.

However, his strength is amazing and unstoppable.

Anyone who comes close will be knocked away, and there is no enemy at all.

“Brother Dustin! Don’t hurt anyone!”

“Dad! Please wake up, we are all your relatives!”

Lily and Sheila Murray kept shouting, trying to wake up Caden.

However, their voices did not have any effect. Instead, they attracted Caden’s attention.

“Die! Die to me!”

Caden roared and rushed towards Sheila Murray.

Its claws are like knives, and the energy between its fingers can cut through steel.

Ordinary people will die if they touch it.

“Brother Dustin! No!”

Lily’s expression changed drastically, and she rushed towards Sheila Murray, trying to block the fatal blow for her daughter.

Just when life was about to happen, at the critical moment, a silver needle suddenly shot out.

“call out!”

The silver needle shot from outside the door, like a bolt of lightning, directly hitting Cadens neck.

Caden froze and froze on the spot.

His fingers, which were strong enough to crack open stones, finally settled on three centimeters from Sheila Murray’s throat.

It’s hard to make any progress.

Sheila Murray was already frightened and stood there blankly, without responding for a while.

On the other hand, Caden looked ferocious, his eyes were red, and he was breathing heavily.

Although he was immobilized by the silver needle, he was still struggling wildly, so much so that his whole body began to tremble.


Lily reacted quickly and quickly pulled her daughter into her arms, trying to stay as far away from Caden as possible.

“As expected.”

At the door of the ward, Dustin slowly walked in with a cup of coffee.

He did not leave directly because he was worried that Yamada Michio would be self-defeating and cause Caden to go crazy and lose control completely.

By then, everyone in the ward will be in dire straits.

“Brother Dustin! Are you back?”

Sheila Murray’s face was filled with joy, as if she had seen a savior.

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