42 – Understated Dominance

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Chapter 42

An Understated Dominance 

by Marina Vittori
Chapter 42

His dad had also warned him never to get involved with a woman like Dahlia Nicholson.

“You’re too kind.” Dahlia smiled politely.

“Dahlia, I have good news for you.” Chris suddenly changed the topic and said, “I heard from Jeff that even the Steel Lady will be present for today’s grand opening.”


Is that so? That would be perfect!” Dahlia raised an eyebrow in pleasant surprise. Previously, only the Harmons‘ general manager was present to sign contracts or discuss business matters. She had never met the daughter of the Harmon family. However, she had heard of Natasha before.

Ever since Andrew retired, she took over the entire Harmon family’s business unaided. She relied entirely on herself to build and flourish the Harmon family business to greater success. In a way, they were both very similar to each other. Dahlia even regarded Natasha as her idol.

Yet, it was a shame that she had never even met Natasha up to this day.

Now that she knew Natasha would be present today, Dahlia looked forward to it greatly. She was really interested in how this business prodigy carried herself.

“Sis! I heard that Natasha Harmon is one of Swinton’s Four Beauties. She must be very beautiful. Can you set me up with her after you get to know her?” James asked with anticipation.

“Yeah! James is no longer young. It’s time to discuss his marriage. If he can get to know Ms. Harmon, it’s fine even if he took their last name instead!” Florence immediately lit up.
“Mom! What nonsense are you saying? Why would Ms. Harmon ever set her eyes on James?” Dahlia said harshly.

“Hmmm, I disagree. What’s wrong with James? He’s young, muscular, and handsome. It’s more than enough for Ms. Harmon!” Florence boasted.

“That’s right! Look at my muscles! Women go crazy over them!” James flexed his biceps confidently.

Dahlia was speechless as she watched them. She was starting to regret inviting them here.

“Ms. Harmon is already taken. We can stop daydreaming about it,” Chris interjected.

“Does that mean I don’t have a chance?” James continued dejectedly, “Who’s the lucky. bastard to get Ms. Harmon’s attention?”

“I don’t know. We’ll find out soon.” Chris smiled.

“Huh! I really want to see if he’s as handsome as me!” James was quite irked.

The performance on the stage had ended. The host took the stage, and the crowd quietened down.

“Welcome, everyone! The grand opening has officially begun! Now, please give a warm welcome to Ms. Harmon!”

As the host gave the introduction, the guests gave a round of applause..

“She’s here! Ms. Harmon is here!” Chris and the others immediately perked up and turned toward the stage, their eyes filled with excitement.

“Is she finally revealing herself?” Dahlia mumbled eagerly.

A young and stunning lady slowly took the stage under the watchful eyes of everyone else.

Three beams of spotlights instantly focused on her. However, everyone was dumbfounded when they saw her.

“It’s her?”

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